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Welcome to oddpicks! Here, We will be discussing the top 10 best handicappers in the industry. This is based on our personal experience and research. I hope that you find this information helpful in your own quest to find a great handicapper!

If you’re looking to beat the bookie, you need to find the best sports handicapper. With so many touts and cappers out there, it can be tough to know who to trust. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best sports handicappers in the business. These are the experts that you can count on to give you an edge on the competition.

When it comes to sports betting, nobody wants to leave anything to chance. That’s why finding a great handicapper is so important. The best cappers in the business can help you get an edge on the competition and put you in a position to win more often.

So, who are the best sports handicappers? Here are our top 10:

Top Performing and Best Handicappers NFL Packages

Sports Handicappers – Best Handicappers Top Performances 2022

  1. Jimmy Boyd

Jimmy BoydConsistency is the most important factor to appreciate a sports handicapper and Jimmy Boyd gets full marks in this aspect. Jimmy is a consistent performer in this field and is an expert in gathering victories against point spread bets. He started his career in 2006 with safe and best bets in league football matches, college and major league basketball matches etc and has gradually garnered huge name and fame. He entered the big scene with NFL season and made 70 percent profit with his straight shoot predictions. His analytic skills and situational predictions make him the best in his job. In fact, he is considered to be one of the best handicappers till date.

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  1. Jhonny Banks

Jhonny BanksThe next name that comes in the list of the best handicappers ruling the sports betting market is of Jhonny Banks. He is one of the world’s handicapping champions and has been ranked 1 during the entire season during 2015 and 2016. This is quite impressive, isn’t it! He is even famous for his brilliantly conceived packages that help your bankroll grow. This football predictor offers the best pick but his picks are not for everyone as his wagers range start from $100 per game. So, if you are looking for some serious betting and winning, he is your man! With his help you can collect some great wins in your kitty.

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  1. Steve Merril

The next handicapper who is very popular across the globe for all good reasons is Steve Merril. In a world of deceit and selfishness, Steve is a totally different kind of sports Handicapper who prefer to get his wins based on genuineness and wisdom. He plays for many good reasons and for every game he does his ground work well in advance to avoid any last moment hack and hassles. He blends statistical analysis, years- long experience, common sense and people choice together while placing his bet against the point spread to bring in wins. He has great reputation among betting enthusiasts as he works round the clock and gets great profit. Steve can be reached out whenever you are in need of his assistance.

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  1. Brandon Shively

If he looks so sexy with a bald, he is a smart bet predictor with his amazing sports knowledge and betting skills. 13 years of handicapping skills with 65 percent overall win percentage makes Brandon one of the most wanted handicapper at present in the sports betting market. However, he lost during the Bahamas bowl and that has got his ranking a bit shaky, he is favorite of many. But he rebound with the 2016 super bowl foot ball season claiming to be the top ranked handicapper. Apart from football, he is expert in basketball betting as well. He constantly improves his technical knowledge and knows about every latest trend related to sports handicapping.

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  1. Trev Rogers

Football Football! Yes, as far as the game of football is concerned Trev Rogers is a name to take along with. This man is the true messiah for football betters at current times. When it comes to football, since 2014 his bets have never failed anyone and have reaped great profits on behalf of the betters. But the only problem is he is a seasonal handicapper as he works only with this game of football. He makes some great predictions and the outcome is nothing but raining victories. He crushes the books when it comes to football players but as many bookies look for overall sports handicappers Rogers is mostly neglected. But when it comes to his football bets, no one can restrict his talent.

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  1. Matt Fargo

This man known as Matt Fargo is an all-rounder handicapper who has equal versatility in all sports including basketball, hockey, cricket etc. other than football. He follows all the sports with same passion and does his prediction with intensity to bring in huge cash overflow for the better. Be it football or basketball, his predictions are consistent and so are his wins. His integrity earns him the most number of brownie points among the followers and he is thus a greatly sought after name in the sports betting world. Matt can be reached easily online and his work can also be followed live. He is good in statistical analysis and also uses latest tools for his job.

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  1. Ben Burns

Ben Burns is the next name who deserves his position in the list of the world’s top 10 handicappers due to his smart predictions which bring him huge number of wins. The top ranked NFL Handicapper is a big time winner if you are looking for best wins. He has been in business for quite long and knows every strategy to win his bet and make his betters happy. His great correct predictions and great wins have made him a big name in this industry and a favorite one of the big betters. His excellence with totals makes him the most credible better for basket ball, football, baseball and hockey. He competes with a field of 150 and mostly finishes within top three.

Ben Burns Personal Page | Buy Picks from Ben Burns

  1. Kyle Hunter

If one man has made a mark for himself in sports handicapping during the last six years all with his sheer hard work and intelligence, it has to be Kyle Hunter. He has great understanding of games and he can easily find what is hidden beneath every number game. This quality has turned him into one of the excellent handicappers at present. He takes under consideration all the critical, technical as well as sensitive aspects and accidental aspects like the weather of player’s injury etc. while making the predictions. His ethical approach to work has got him great following and his confidence in bets has earned great profit for the betters as well. This season too he is ready for the drum roll and can be reached out online easily.

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  1. Art Aronson

When you see this man on TV or internet, his smile captivates you. Art Aronson is not only popular for his humble and captivating smile but his witty and killer predictions. He plans, plays and wins. Art is one of the safest handicapper and has earned this name so quickly with his mere hard work. He relies on match value and makes accurate predictions with his in-depth knowledge in handicapping. He justifies his bet by analyzing statistics of the player, their coach and also present ground conditions. From foot ball to hockey, Art Aronson is everywhere. You can rely on him for placing your bets in any area of sports betting.

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  1. Steve Fezzik

When one becomes consecutive champion at the Hilton Handicapping contest, he should not be taken for light. The star performer named Steve Fezzik became a house hold name with the help of media publicity. His approach was slightly different from the traditional bunch. He speaks logical, looks at the math behind betting, and bets across wagers.  He might bet on an individual performer unlike many who bet on a Team. If one is ready for an unconventional handicapper who lets his brain do the thinking Steve fits the bill. He is much popular on the online circuit more than traditional bookie list.

While Paul the animal oracle predicted the wins accurately during 2010 world cup Foot ball matches, people called it pure luck. But with real sports handicappers like the ones mentioned above, there can be no benefit of doubt relating to the capabilities of their talent. These have a fetish for the sport, understand every factor related to the game, the weather forecast, the player’s track record and then make their prediction in front of the audience. While some might still favor their instinct over these accurate exit poll results, some look forward eagerly for the predictions and follow the game.  These Nostradamus of sports world surely create a whirlwind with their predictions. And, this doubles the fun and entertainment of sport betting manifolds!

How to choose the best handicapper who will make you more money?

Many people place bets on different sporting activities without having sufficient information on the teams or players. Some sports enthusiasts just place bets based on their love for a particular team or match up. These persons especially would benefit greatly from having a sports handicapper. The best Sports handicappers analyze the information available to them and make proper predictions. They will provide information that the fun-loving sportsperson may not be aware of.

Even those individuals who are keen on sports still use the services provided by sports handicappers. Many people compile their information and analyze their statistics. These people still need a sports handicapper as they can match their prediction against the prediction of the handicapper. The best Handicappers are available for every sport, and many of them just concentrate on handicapping in one particular sport.

Nowadays there are countless of sports handicapping services available in the market, promising you easy and big wins. But you need to be wary. You need to certain that the service you choose will indeed deliver the wins they promise. How do you go about getting the best handicapper? Here are essential tips to help you in choosing best handicappers service you need.

Superb Reputation

Because every sports betting agency claims to be the best, you should be very careful in your choice. Do your investigation to know virtually everything about potential agencies. Call the sports monitor to ensure the legitimacy of the agency you are considering. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. It is necessary to inquire among people who have previously utilized the service of an agency to know if they were given the desired results. Reading various forums and reviews prove to be helpful too. Make sure that you are best in hands.

Transparent and Proven Winning Record

Of course, every sports bettor aims for the win, and that’s exactly the reason why you are seeking the assistance of an expert handicapper. When looking for a service, only choose firms with proven consistent winning background especially at the particular sports event you are interested in. A credible sports betting agency should have no less than 55% winning record.

Long-term Experience

Only use the services of handicapping experts that have ample years of experience in the industry and again, evaluated by a reputable sports monitoring organization. There are a lot of agencies claiming that they are the best, yet lack the years of experience to support their claims. You should be careful in identifying them. Only trust in the sports betting agencies who were able to stand the test of time. You would want to make sure that the agency you choose will deliver the wins you want for a long period.

Justifiable Service Fee

Money talk is a serious talk. The service fee varies from one agency to another. Before any deal is sealed, you should be informed how much money is involved so you can then plan your financial management strategies. Remember, the higher the handicappers service costs, the higher percentage of wins you need to win to earn profits or at the very least, break even.

It is equally important to note that the cost should justify the quality of service. There may be agencies that offer consultations at a surprisingly low price yet they fail to aid you in winning betting games. Initially you may think that with such agencies, you will be saved but in fact, when you total the amount of money in your losses versus the amount you earned win sporadic and rare wins, you will eventually realize that you are losing money. But the opposite isn’t always true. It doesn’t mean that if a particular agency is charging higher, then the chance of winning is also higher. You should always go back to their winning record. Always examine their background and credibility to ensure that you are getting every dollar of your money’s worth.

Excellent Customer Service

Naturally, all sports bettors, especially beginners have a thousand of preliminary questions to ask before committing to the service of top handicappers. Thus it is essential that the agency should have friendly and accommodate customer service representatives. Since you are a paying client, you only deserve to be treated as such.