Tom Stryker

When choosing an expert to guide you thought the complicated world of sports betting, we understand that finding the right person for the job is a critical and time consuming process. At safe handicappers, we wish to provide you with the easiest experience to locate the perfect handicapper for your needs.

Choosing Tom Stryker

One of our most prestigious handicappers, Tom Stryker, has over three decades in the sports betting industry. If you are looking for the professional that will take your betting career to the next level, he should definitely be on your list.

My Stryker has been placing bets that make returns in various different sports and always makes a long term capital gain from his efforts in identifying player flaws that only a true expert like himself can identify.

When you sign on with Tom, he personally takes time out of his day to make an emotional connection with his client’s investments and goes the extra mile when making informed betting decisions. Just in the last twenty eight years alone he has given this personal touch to every single one of his investors to give them the most quality of service around. There are not many people that are dedicated enough in this industry to take loads of time out of their day to provide you with the strong relationships every investor seeks to make with their clients. Stryker has made it to the top of many leaderboards in the past when it comes to sports betting, even reaching the top of the 90 percent plateau in the ATS records using his carefully illustrated system books. Hand down if you’re looking for an expert with a personal touch to your sports betting investments, this man is for you.