Nick Parsons

Known for his “Big Pick” and “Game of the Year” packages that have shown to give him a high rate of return, Nick Parsons is a very well known figure in the sports betting industry.

Nick Parsons Record

He has many 1st place titles across all major sports titles that are documented by Vegas Sports watch, and has shown to be very successful in predicting North American sports outcomes. In the 2004 college football season, he managed to score a ridiculous 78.3% which gained his “BoogieKiller” package much promise in the years to come. In recent times Parsons has been doing very well in predicting outcomes and has abided by only releasing one pick per day to ensure that all of his info that is passed on it 100% the best of his effort to give you what you’re looking for.

When constructing a basic understanding of where you want your money to go, Nick is a very viable option for you to choose from. You should take him into your team of tools to make you a great return for the next sports season and you can also place your bets with ease knowing that an expert is behind every one of your dollars. This man is proven to be one of the best of the best in the handicapping industry and will be the solution you need to solve your betting solutions. When you sign on with Nick, you’ll get a good pick, its jut as simple as it can be.