Mark Franco

Since 1997 with the successful launch of his new company Vegas Insider, Mark Franco has been well respected for his handicapping skills for quite some time. He specializes in making accurate assessments of player behavior and knows when to realize good, relevant information to his clients. He knows his stuff and does not beat around the bush when it comes to giving the valuable content you are looking for.

Mark Franco Real Time Picks

Mark sure knows how to pick teams and players. In two thousand three he placed fifth in the Hilton Super Contest for the NFL lineup with a record of 76-57 resulting in a 57% clip. He then later went on to compete in the invite only Stardust Invitational in two thousand four where he and 15 other handicappers competed in picking plays and predicting games. Mr. Franco is open on our site for private clients to give his personal picks for most major sports leagues including his specialty, the NFL. He offers an inexpensive and effective information sharing service that makes him a qualified choice for your next handicapper.

Mark Franco even went so far as to start his own radio talk show about sports handicapping and to this day is actively making calls and giving people his input on the outcomes of major evens. As an active member of the community you will be sure to find out that Mark is an excellent choice to become your next sports betting advisor that will help you turn a profit next time you play.