Jimmy Adams

For lack of a better word, Jimmy Adams is the bomb. This man is literally on fire when it comes to picking plays. Across all sports, we managed to pull a 55% overall win loss ratio for his sports handicapping picks. If you’re looking for an experienced and well developed expert in the field of sports betting, then you need to check this guy out. This man is a well rounded bettor who accurately assesses the game for you, so that you and he can make some serious money.

Jimmy Adams Experience

A sports lover from birth, Adams always had a passion for the game. Growing up in Nevada, he would constantly watch the current stance of players from a wide range of different sports. This guy, eats, sleeps, and breathes handicapping, and you can’t find someone this authentic anywhere else. He has built a reputation for himself of being a trusted and accurate member of the sports betting community. In his later years he attended the University of Nevada to late graduate with a major in business management. Right from the start, this man knew that will a little time and effort, you can really make you return on investment into his services easier than you have ever imagined.