Jeff Alexander

Ranked as the number one NFL handicapper for the two thousand six to two thousand seven season with a 69% win ratio, Jeff Alexander is a true expert in the field of sports handicapping. Jeff has accomplished a lot in his handicapping career, usually placing well into the top 5 handicapper spots for most of his competitions.

Jeff Alexander Sports Picks

Most of his awards include NFL and MLB handicapping, however Jeff is an expert at predicting most major league sporting categories that include NBA picks as well. He is a very well rounded and experienced shot caller and can make or break the next bet you make at the club, which is why he is a great pick for you next time you decide to add an expert to your handicapping arsenal.

Included with his many successful picks Jeff is also an extremely hard working sports handicapper with not many others passing his work ethic. If he loses a pick, you can say that he definitely tired. For the times when he fails to make a good call he certainly makes up for it later. You will have a very hard time finding another handicapper such as Jeff to give you sports betting info as his quality towards his work has a lot more weight than you would think. He is completely devoted to bringing you the results you are looking for and is one of the best people to have when it comes to building a team of experts to assist you in your sports betting experience.