Dennis Macklin

Dennis Macklin started his handicapping career back in 1991 being a legitimate Vegas insider working for major deals in the handicapper business until he went solo in 2002. Before that in previous years he was featured on many television and radio shows including “Beat the Spread” a regular 20-minute football segment which was a one on one broadcasting production. In addition to this he actively paneled on a weekly basis for USA networks’ “sports desk” between the years two thousand one and two. Since 2003 he has been monitored by The Sports Monitor and National Sports Monitor and since then has been a rising star in the sports betting industry.

Dennis Macklin Picks

When choosing Dennis to be your handicapper you know that he will give you the right info for the right price. With years of experience in the industry he has been known for being a successful sports handicapper looking for an opportunity to utilize his skills anywhere they can be applicable. With private client work he has shown to take pride in prediction event outcomes and giving massive value to anyone who receives his info. Macklin has placed countless times for handicapper comparisons and even finishes first in 2005 for the NSM NHL crown and hold three UHC titles. This man knows sports and does not waste his talent with anyone. If you want info from a true champion of handicapping you definitely want to use this man’s advice to your advantage when playing your next round of sports bets.