Carlo Campanella

Carlo Campanella, also known as the “Iron Horse” is well renowned for his skills in determining the outcomes of various aqueduct races and shows no signs of slowing down. Opening the 2003 NBA playoff season he held a documented 18-2 winning streak and thereafter has become one of the most well respected handicappers in the horse racing, NBA, and NFL betting industries. He has been known to do well in predicting the outcomes in many major sporting events such as the Kentucky Derby, the Super bowl, and the NBA Finals.

Carlo Campanella Track Record

He has a track record and a legacy for giving a massive amount of value to all of his clients and has been able to generate a massive amount of value and success for himself over the years and plans to keep this trend up in the near future.

Carlo has recently won the Aqueduct Handicapping contest in 2013 for a net profit of five thousand dollars, but this in comparison to the rest of his handicapping career is nothing given his massive success in the past at making great amounts of profit while handicapping. When considering your next option for an expert in the sports betting industry include him in your lineup because he is one of the most well known, proven handicappers that more than half of the time will give you a great return on your investment. To get started using Carlo’s advice with your sports betting experience you can find him listed on our webpage where you can get started receiving the best advice for your next betting events.