Bob Harvey

With over twenty five years in the sports betting service industry, Bob Harvey is sure to give you a literal run for your money. Experts in the field of sports handicapping, this guy just simply knows his sports! In 2012, Harvey won the Boyd Gaming NFL handicapping title with an astounding 2053 units, crushing the runner up and the rest of his competition. He is a hard working machine when it comes to sports betting and is sure to give you the results you crave. For twenty years he has consistently hit over 55% on his win ratios and is proving to become even better as time progresses within the industry.

Bob Harvey Picks

If you choose to sign on with Bob be ready for an active experience. He provides daily updates on the best picks around and truly engages his clients in the sports betting experience. He wishes to have you paly multiple games to further increase the amount of money you can pull in from info he gives. You can expect to be amazed on how extensive his knowledge of the sports world goes when it comes to predicting outcomes of games and championship events. He will guide you through his process of assessing the best picks in the sports world to give you the best insider info for your next betting venture. When you play with Bob, you play to win and it really is that simple. Mr. Harvey is definitely a prime choice for you to add to your list of potential handicappers to aid you in getting the advice you need.