With so much time left until the season gets underway, it is very common to take guesses at who you believe can make the super bowl this season. I, along with many other fans of the game, have their choices and estimations for this upcoming season. But as I was thinking about the topic, I started to wonder about the best super bowls of all time. So, I am going to be listing my personal top six super bowls of all time along with a table of each NFL teams’ appearances and wins in the big game.

Top Six Superbowl’s of all time

  1. Seahawks vs Patriots (2015)

I think that this game 100 percent deserves to be number one on this list. These two teams were no doubt the best two teams in the league at the time and were dominating all competition throughout the season. This game was also back and forth all game with the Seahawks having the ball at the 1-yard line with only 30 seconds remaining. Everybody watching this game figured the Seahawks would hand it off to their star running back Marshawn Lynch and end the game. But they elected to throw it and that pass was jumped by Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler, and eventually sealed the victory for the New England Patriots.

  1. Pittsburgh vs Arizona (2009)

This was another game for the ages. Pittsburgh jumped out the gate firing on all cylinders in the first half and was looking to run away with the game early on. But the Cardinals still had some fight left in them, they made a huge second half run in which star receiver Larry Fitzgerald had six catches for over 100 yards and two touchdowns. With all of that, the Cardinals ended up taking a small lead with a few minutes left to go in the game. But Ben Roethlisberger ended up leading a huge game winning drive that ended with a toe tap touchdown by receiver Santonio Holmes which ended up clinching a victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  1. New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons (2017)

This game had people talking for months after it ended. The Atlanta Falcons had built up a 28-point lead with about 3 minutes remaining in the third quarter. Many claimed it was over as a lead like this is impossible to come back from with such little time left. But Tom Brady and company were able to defy all odds and lead a giant comeback that ended up bringing the game into overtime. The last drive that the Patriots had in regulation was a nail biter in the last few minutes. Wide receiver Julian Edelman made a leaping grab in the middle of three defenders, grabbing it inches before hitting the ground. After that game tying drive, they went into overtime where the Patriots won the coin toss and received the ball. They ended up marching straight down the field and scoring quickly, ending the game.

  1. New York Giants vs New England Patriots (2008)

Well the Patriots have been in a number of Super Bowls, so its no surprise that they happen to appear more than once on this list. This game was a fairly slow game compared to the other ones on this list. Giants quarterback Eli Manning was able to complete the impossible towards the end of the game which has gone down as one of the greatest players in NFL history. Manning spun out of the grasp of multiple defenders and rolled out, delivering a pass to wide receiver David Tyree. Tyree grabbed the ball against his head and held it on his helmet the entire way to the ground while being smothered by a defender. This play put the Giants in position to put the game away, which they eventually did. That play alone makes this Super Bowl so much higher on this list.

 New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts (2010)

Back when Peyton Manning was still on the Colts, he ended up making the Super Bowl. His opponent, Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. This game went back and forth for the majority of the game. That is, until Sean Payton made one of the gutsiest calls in all of NFL history. He called for an onside kick on the second half kickoff, which the Saints ended up winning and got the ball back. They took advantage and were able to pick up a decent lead against the Manning lead Colts. But Peyton wasn’t done yet, they ended up staying close in the game and were marching down the field for a game tying drive, until Saints cornerback Tracy Porter read the route that Manning was throwing too and intercepted the ball. Porter took that the other way for six points and clinched the game for the Saints.

  1. Louis Rams vs Tennessee Titans (2000)

This Super Bowl is widely known as the “One Yard Short” game. The Titans have the ball at the ten-yard line, down seven points with zero timeouts left. They have one more play left to win the Super Bowl and if they don’t then the Rams will be crowned champions. Titans quarterback McNair was able to find his receiver over the middle, the receiver began to be brought down inside the five-yard line and as he went down, he stretched the ball as far as he could to score the game winning touchdown. Sadly, for all Titans fans around the world, he was about one yard shy of the goal line. Which ended up sealing the game and giving the St. Louis Rams the victory.


Team Super Bowl Appearances Super Bowl Wins
Baltimore Ravens 2 2
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 6
Cleveland Browns 0 0
Cincinnati Bengals 2 0

Team Super Bowl Appearances Super Bowl Wins
New England Patriots 11 6
Buffalo Bills 4 0
New York Jets 1 1
Miami Dolphins 5 2

Team Super Bowl Appearances Super Bowl Wins
Houston Texans 0 0
Tennessee Titans 1 0
Indianapolis Colts 4 2
Jacksonville Jaguars 0 0

Team Super Bowl Appearances Super Bowl Wins
Kansas City Chiefs 3 2
Denver Broncos 8 3
Oakland Raiders 5 3
Los Angeles Chargers 1 0

Team Super Bowl Appearances Super Bowl Wins
Green Bay Packers 5 4
Minnesota Vikings 4 0
Chicago Bears 2 1
Detroit Lions 0 0

Team Super Bowl Appearances Super Bowl Wins
Philadelphia Eagles 3 1
Dallas Cowboys 8 5
New York Giants 5 4
Washington Redskins 5 3

Team Super Bowl Appearances Super Bowl Wins
New Orleans Saints 1 1
Atlanta Falcons 2 0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 1
Carolina Panthers 2 0

Team Super Bowl Appearances Super Bowl Wins
San Francisco 49ers 7 5
Seattle Seahawks 3 1
Los Angeles Rams 4 1
Arizona Cardinals 1 0