The saints extended the contract with drew Breeze

Drew breeze has made it clear that it will not conduct negotiations with the Saints about a new contract during the season, pushing both parties into more active negotiation.
The result was a five-year contract, which is actually two years.
An informed source said that two years contract, in fact, canceled. The guaranteed amount of contract –$44.25 million Given that for this season the breeze will get 20 million, for next season, quarterback New Orleans will get 24.25 million
In addition, the contract prohibits the team exchanging player and overlay Tegu 2018. So after two seasons breeze might leave if he wants, the team will not be able to stop him. Or, if you want, you can stay in the team.
I guess you could say that the expectations of insiders are not met, the contract does not become “final point” the career of a future member of the Hall of Fame, but rather a “comma”.