The Broncos and Rams, discussed in the offseason exchange Kinama

Ian Rapoport reported that in the offseason, the Broncos asked the Rams the opportunity to exchange quarterback Case Kinama. However, in Los Angeles wanted to get substantial compensation, so the negotiations has not gone away. Both teams may have acquired quarterbacks out there in the first round, but it seems that in Denver, and in Los Angeles understand that young people will need much more time to get on the field in the regular season. Cinema 28 years. Houston signed him as a free agent nazarovskogo. He managed to poperepisyvatsya between Houston and St Louis. But after the 2015 season, the Rams have limited his first round tender, paying $3.635 million In the 2015 season Kinama took the field in six games, earning 828 yards with a 60.8 per cent of completo with four touchdowns and one interception.