The bears broke up with Robie gold

The bears parted ways with their veteran kicker Robie gold. The solution is quite unexpected, since in their roster there is no other kicker. This season, Roby was supposed to make $2.9 million
For Bears of gold spent 11 seasons, implementing 85 percent of field goals (276 of 323) and 99 percent of extrapoints (379 of 383). He scored the most points in the entire history of the franchise.
After a not very successful season in 2014, in 2015, the gold seemed to be returned to its former condition, leaving the 85 percent scored a field goal. And chikafumi was all right.
Perhaps, on the decision of the team was affected by not a good pre-season. In the last match of 34-year-old smeared a few extrapoints.
Given that experienced kickers on the market not so much, gold will hardly remain without work.