SNF. Vikings – Packers

The successful debut of Sam Bradford was marred by the injury to Adrian Peterson. Even a victory with a score of 17-14 did not dispel concerns at the expense of the prospects of their former MVP of the League.
Our team is Adrian Peterson justified their pre-season exchange, as it seemed, runningback is still in his Prime. If the injury of Adrian, serious enough that Bradford may be the only hope of their attack.
“A new Hope” looked great. 22 of 31, 286 yards and two touchdowns. But in the absence of Sam Peterson can return to the previous state: a talented guy with a talented entourage.
It is, in fact, the only weapon that was selected in the fifth round … Stefanie Diggs. He had 182 yards in nine receptions and a touchdown. In the last match he earned 103 yards in seven receptions, and quickly established itself in the status of a new star.
Five more thoughts:
1. Rogers is not the same. And it is difficult to find the cause.
His skill was enough to defeat the Jaguars, but under pressure from the Vikings, he looked miserable.
Last season, the quarterback missed Jordy Nelson. But now Nelson is on the field, but trouble finding open receivers left.
2. Mike Zimmer is doing a good job. Especially liked his trust in Bradford, when in the second quarter on fourth down Vikings played a through pass.Then you could give the ball to Peterson, or punching the field goal, but the freshman quarterback should be allowed to feel the rhythm.
3. The packers decided not to criticize for their staffing policies because they are mostly right. But on Sunday looking at them on-line, it was hard to get rid of the thought that they can’t let go of Josh Sitton.
Young linenum Packers obviously need more time to contain the pass-rush like the one that showed the Vikings.
4. Have Tre of Wansa had a rough night. And, perhaps, the last pass of Rogers can be considered justified. But at the right moment d-back was able to make a decisive interception, after which all his admitted flaws will be forgotten.
5. A couple of numbers. The Vikings allowed the Packers attack to gain 65 yards in the first half of the match. At the same time they “gave” Packers 66 yards in penalties for violations of the rules.