NCAAF College Football Hits Australia!

The first game of the football season is finally here and the NCAA has a fun one lined up forus Cal/Hawaii will clash in Sydney Australia on Friday August 26, we want to help out our Aussie friends on the betting front and anyone else who might be a little new to college football betting.

With me is Johnny Odds Shark here to help us learn a little more about College odds and this game in particular.

Now most Australians are familiar with the point spread with Aussie Rules action but Johnny what you tell us about the spread for this game? This game open up at 23 points and it’s moved down to 20 points with Cal being the favorite so spreads do come higher than this in college football but the three-point line move is significant because that means a field goal.

So the line is moved by one full score.

So it’s going to be considered a drubbing if Cal wins here so if you do take Cal you’re cheering for a less exciting game.

Ok so the underdog is getting three major scores is that the way we want to go here? Well I’m not so sure about that one.

Australian’s will probably be rooting forHawaii because their native son Max Hendrie is on the Rainbows roster butHawaii went 1-3 against the spread last season as an underdog of 20 points or more and Cal went 3 and 1 against the spread in games where they were favored by 20 points or more.

Is there an advantage for big dogs orbig faves traditionally? Not really.

Unfortunately faves won at forty-nine percent against the spread last year with lines 20 points or more over about 200 games.

American odds makers are pretty sharp when it comes to this stuff because college football is the second most popular sport to bet on in the US

behind only the NationalFootball Leauge.

So what’s the pick against the spread? Well I’m liking Cal here now the numberhas come down a little and so does the OddsShark computer.

Hawaii has a brand new coach and that’s a really big deal in American football.

It means they’ve got a whole new offenceto get used to and in this case I think it will take Hawaii some time to getthings rolling.

Alright John thanks so much for the information, this should be a fun one to kick off the college football season.