A little bit of love for football

A police officer in South Carolina to stop the suicide, he used his love of football. On the record made by the camera police can be seen of a man about to jump off a bridge, and repeating: I don’t want to live. Officer Michael Blackmore was trying to talk to someone about what makes life worth living. First he asked him about his mother. But that, as it turned out, died. Then Blackmore asked at the suicide of his favorite teams. You like to watch football? Who to support? For The Redskins? On Sunday You will watch the Redskins game, and will not remember anything about that night. Next week we’ll see and I’ll ask You: what about the Redskins? On Sunday, I imbedded them in the game against Dallas. Because I hate Dallas. After a few minutes, the man allowed the police to come and get him out on the sidewalk. Blackmore admitted that a similar case was last month, and then the guy stopped, when the officer spoke to him on the football team. According to police he was a fan of Notre Dame. Sometimes the love of football helps to save lives