2018 Week 1 NFL Game Picks Straight Up Picks

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We are picking Philadelphia over Atlanta on the Thursday night game now.

We’re gonna jump to Sunday real quick These are all my predicted straight up game winners for Sunday Pittsburgh over Cleveland, we’re gonna have Minnesota and what might be a very tight ballgame But I’m gonna go ahead with Minnesota over San Francisco Indianapolis over Cincinnati again, this game might be a little close to that people might think but I’m going to go with Indianapolis over Cincinnati Baltimore over Buffalo buffalo is a tough team But Baltimore at home, you have to give the edge to the mayor.

So I’m gonna take Baltimore over Buffalo Jacksonville over the New York Giants, I believe this game is apt, New York But in this case, I still think Jacksonville is just a much better ballclub So I’m going with Jacksonville over the Giants New Orleans over Tampa Bay We’re looking at New England over Houston again.

This could also be a tough game You know, I’m not really 100% sure what to expect out of either team this year I’m gonna stick with New England at home in this game over Houston Tennessee over Miami I believe that game is at Miami, but I do think Tennessee wins this ballgame the charges over, Kansas City I’m looking for a Denver over Seattle Yeah, Seattle could win this ballgame, but Denver will be at home And I think in this case, they’re gonna get off to a good start this season So I’m gonna take Denver at home in Seattle at this game Carolina over Dallas might be the game of the week actually But I do think that in this particular case Carolina’s playing at home Also looking to get off to a good start after the way they faltered the last couple of seasons So I’m gonna stick with Caroline.

They’re at home in this game over Dallas Washington over Arizona, the game I believe is also in Arizona like you like the Redskins in this game and Wrapping up Sunday’s portion of the week one.

It’s going to be Green Bay over Chicago now.

We also have to Monday night games coming up on September the 10th and they in my picks Detroit over the Jets and Also the Rams over Oakland the Rams Oakland game is another game.