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2019 NFL Mock Draft Predictions

Welcome to the 2019 NFL mock draft predictions, these will predict the top 10 picks of this year’s draft first off We’ve got Kyle Murray Nick Bosa Josh Alan Quinn and Williams ed Oliver Rochon Gary J Wayne Taylor drew Locke Devon white and Dwayne Hoskins those 10. We’re gonna be competing for the top…

2018 Week 1 NFL Game Picks Straight Up Picks

Please Remember To Check our Top Rated Best Handicappers in the World List We are picking Philadelphia over Atlanta on the Thursday night game now. We’re gonna jump to Sunday real quick These are all my predicted straight up game winners for Sunday Pittsburgh over Cleveland, we’re gonna have Minnesota and what might be a…

Paul Richardson, Tyler Lockett and Thomas Rawls Among Seahawks Not Expected To Play vs Vikings.

The Seahawks host the Vikings in their second preseason game Friday night, and as expected, a handful of players are not expected to suit up for the game because of various injuries. Receiver Tyler Lockett, whose 2016 season ended with a broken leg, is back to practicing, but he will not play, nor will receiver…

How The Rockets EXPOSED The Warriors DEFENSE In The NBA Playoffs

The Rockets did a complete 180 and adopted a Warriors style offense with an immense amount of backdoor cuts, ball movement. The Warriors were off on the offense end,but it was their defense that had some glaring holes. The Rockets founds a weakness in the Warriorsdefense and it wasn’t Stephen Curry. What is up dudes,…

NCAA Football National Championship Futures Odds

Let’s get it out of the way. Alabama, Ohio State, FSU and Oklahoma aregonna be good. They are going to be favorites to win basicallyevery season until something ridiculous happens. So, let’s dig deep and find the best valueon the national championship futures board for YOU. First, we got the Oregon Ducks at +7500. Yeah,…

The League really wants a Sunday game between the Steelers and the Bengals got out of control. And head referee Pete Morelli has been given relevant instructions.

However, rendenbach Steelers DeAngelo Williams that did not care:

“We all know how we hate each other. This whole exchange of messages on Twitter in the offseason. It will be our will against their will. And see who breaks first”.

Sounds a bit dramatic, but maybe that Sunday at Heinz field we will be able to see more wrestling than football.

Just learned that after the first two weeks of the regular season 2016, the Buffalo bills parted ways with their offensive coordinator 44-year-old Greg Roman, who worked in this position in “bills” only one full season. This is the first serious resignation during the very beginning of the championship.

In his place has appointed assistant coach and coach of runningbacks Anthony Lynch.

In may, the Rams safety T. J. McDonald was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. And on Friday, he was formally charged. If he is found guilty, he faces six months in jail, a fine of one thousand dollars and suspended from the NFL.
May 10, McDonald crashed into a parked car. Arriving police found that the player is under “drugs”. About the type of drugs not reported, but rich Hammond thinks the player could have permission to use it..
Since the Rams chose McDonald in the 2013 draft, the player took the field in the starting lineup in all 38 games.
T. J. is the son of six-time Pro Bowler Tim McDonald, who had spent a career in 49ерс and cardinals.

A police officer in South Carolina to stop the suicide, he used his love of football. On the record made by the camera police can be seen of a man about to jump off a bridge, and repeating: I don’t want to live. Officer Michael Blackmore was trying to talk to someone about what makes life worth living. First he asked him about his mother. But that, as it turned out, died. Then Blackmore asked at the suicide of his favorite teams. You like to watch football? Who to support? For The Redskins? On Sunday You will watch the Redskins game, and will not remember anything about that night. Next week we’ll see and I’ll ask You: what about the Redskins? On Sunday, I imbedded them in the game against Dallas. Because I hate Dallas. After a few minutes, the man allowed the police to come and get him out on the sidewalk. Blackmore admitted that a similar case was last month, and then the guy stopped, when the officer spoke to him on the football team. According to police he was a fan of Notre Dame. Sometimes the love of football helps to save lives