Who should be the 2018 NBA Rookie Of The Year?

The 2017 NBA draft class has produced somereally good players While the first pick of the NBA draft MarkelleFultz still has to prove he is not a bust, other teams got some great young talent.

Lonzo Ball has been good, maybe not meetinghis high expectations yet, but he’s been very solid for the Lakers.

As well as Kyle Kuzma.

Being a late first round pick I think nobodyexpected the type of production he’s had.

At least not this season.

And there’s a lot more.

Jayson Tatum for the Celtics has been good.

He’s not as good as he was in the firstmonths of the season, but he still looks like a solid addition for the Celtics.

De Aaron fox for the Kings The finnish sensation Lauri Markkanen forthe Bulls Dennis Smith Jr.

for the Mavericks and I cango on and on.

But as the season winds down, for most peoplethere are only 2 clear candidates for the ROTY award – Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell.

Hey! Hope you are doing well I’m PRPLPRNCH and I will try to make a case for each of them- why they should or shouldn’t win this award.

Let’s start with Ben Simmons.

Probably the first thing that’s againsthim is that he’s technically not a rookie.

Yes, this is his first playing season in theNBA, but he got drafted in the 2016 NBA draft.

He ended up missing his whole rookie seasonbecause of a fractured bone in his right foot so before this season he hadnt played a minuteof NBA action, but even though he wasnt playing, he was still travelling with the team, spendingtime with the 76ers and in a way went through the tough process of acclimatization to theNBA without playing.

For a lot of rookies its very hard to adjustto a longer season, extended travel periods, bunch of flights and practices.

In a way he already went through that lastyear so maybe knowing what to expect and how everything is he was more ready for the grindof the NBA.

I think this is a fair case against him.

Now, the case for him is his obvious talenton the court.

He’s a do it all talent.

You need an assist? Have it.

You need a rebound? Got it.

He’s been like a swiss army knife for the76ers and even if he still hasn’t shown everything he has on the defensive side ofa floor, his stature at 6.

10 and 230 pounds makes him a very imposing defender.

He’s been racking up triple doubles andplaying very impressive.

He’s averaging 16 – 8 – 8 in his first playingseason.

That’s something that hasn’t been seen.

At 6.

10 you should expect the guy to graba decent amount of boards, but his passing has been just as impressive.

His vision is great and he finds his teammatesin good position regularly.

Now, he doesn’t have a shot.

He’s a drive-to-the-rim type of guy andalmost all of his points come from the paint.

He has shot the 3-ball just 10 times thisseason and hasn’t yet made one, so if you want to hold it against him, yes, he’s noteven a managable shooter.

What makes it al a bit worse is his FT shooting.

He’s made just 57.

1% of his FT attemptswhich isn’t particularly impressive, so there definitely is room for improvement Overall though he’s been fantastic and youcan see that he has a superstar written all over him.

If he improves his shooting, gains a shootingrange and a go to move besides driving to the rim he could become unguardable.

Another SMAAALL case against him is that he’splaying alongside Joel Embiid.

Another rare talent that’s controlling everythingunder the basket.

You could argue that playing with Embiid makesit easier for him to rack up those assists and be more free on the court as he doesn’tget the whole attention from the opponent team.

But that’s the case that could be made onlyif you want to nitpick.

So what about Donovan Mitchell? If Ben Simmons was expected to be good thenyou can say Donovan Mitchell came out of nowhere.

He was selected 13th by the Denver Nuggetsand later on the draft night traded to Utah Jazz.

Denver must be biting their nails cause Mitchelllooks like a superstar.

When Gordon Hayward left Utah last summerto play for Celtics, the Jazz were expected to be worse because they lost their main offensiveweapon.

Little did they know that they already hada guy who can easily fill Gordon Haywards shoes and maybe even be better.

Donovan Mitchell is averaging 20ppg and hasbeen Utahs main go-to guy offensively.

He has a couple of 40 point games under hisbelt and multiple 30 point games.

He’s a flat out scorer and doesn’t fearthe big moment.

While he’s not an all-around player BenSimmons is he’s a much better shooter and more dynamic offensively.

His mid-range game is good, but his 3-pointshot isn’t consistent yet.

On one night he can go 7 for 9 while othernights only 1/9 from 3pt line.

He also hasn’t hit a rookie wall and thereisn’t a noticeable drop in his production as the season is closing compared to otherrookies like Jayson Tatum.

Similar to Ben Simmons, Donovan Mitchell alsohas an elite center helping him out in Rudy Gobert so if having another star in the teamwas the case against Ben Simmons, that may apply to Mitchell as well.

Now granted, I think Joel Embiid is betterthan Rudy Gobert, but both of them help the rookies quite a lot, so that’s a draw.

Both the 76ers and Jazz should make the playoffsand both have almost identical record in the win-loss column, but you could argue thatUtah has been more impressive because it battles in the West.

So who deserves the ROTY award? I don’t have a clear winner in my mind andI wouldn’t have any problems with either of them winning the ROTY award but if I hadto give a slight chance to someone I would lean towards Donovan Mitchell.

Mitchells offensive game is more flashy andI strongly believe that travelling and being around the team for a year before steppingon the NBA court really helped Ben Simmons to be a better player than he probably would’vebeen last year.

Again, this is nitpicking and if there evercould be 2 winners of this award, this could be the year.

Both of them are looking like future superstarsand both of them are main anchors on their respective teams.

They have a bright future and barring a seriousinjury they should entertain us with their performances for years to come.

Who do you think should be the ROTY winner? Maybe most of the media is wrong by havingjust 2 clear-cut leaders for this award? Whatever your thought is, leave a commentbelow, like this video and subscribe for future NBA content.