Who Is Miles Bridges | Before The NBA Draft

Today we’re gonna be talking about whois Miles Bridges if you’re new to this channelmake sure you subscribe down below to your boy King Coopa J and don’t forgetto hit that notification bell so you do not miss a videonow let’s get into it now I just want to thank all the off for coming out with meI have to do all this but I want to thank God for this opportunity I got ont to reach my dreams in the NBA or stay here put my teammates but I got someunfinished business here and I’m just saying I want to stay so you want to know wanna know who miles bridges isright he was born March 21st of 1998 he’s an American basketball player outof Flint Michigan his parents are Cynthia and Raymondbridges now Randall was a two-time national basketball state champion outof Flint northern high school he taught Miles how to play basketball at the ageof two years old his mother Cynthia Bridges said that mouse suffered fromADHD she made miles play basketball as ameans of getting his energy out and giving him something to do with his timeCynthia and Miles would play basketball at a local church every Saturday withthe children in the neighborhood in the third grade Bridges joined an AAU teamstarted by a local Flint Northwest all-star Jeff Grayer the team was calledFABE Flint Athletics For Better Education what a name Grayer was selected 13thoverall by the Milwaukee Bucks he bounced around a league for nine yearsnine years before leaving the game as a player and pursuing coaching Grayer knewMiles is gonna be that guy in the 8th grade that’s when he recognized thistalent alright so his team was down by 8 pointsand they was heading into the second half so he decided to go with Miles hetold me I was look there was a big kid out there on the floor he told him lookhe said I don’t want that kid getting any more rebounds I don’t want that kidscoring anymore the team the kid was dominated he was just crushing themright so Miles gets it again he thought he did everything is coach accident todo so the kid and get no more rebounds he didn’t score any more Miles was allover the board he was blocking the kid shot and he dropped like 15 points Ibelieve in that game and it came back and won tough in his freshman year at FlintMichigan Academy he averaged 10 points 11 rebounds and 3 blocks per game by theend of the year he and his mother made a decision that he would leave for WestVirginia in July 2013 Bridges transferred to Huntington Prep school in WestVirginia he stayed with one of the head coaches former powers Catholic HighSchool All-state guard JaVontae Hawkins right so thatit’s a good thing Hawking’s help Miles grow into a man by keeping him focusedon basketball Bridges was away from the violence and distractions in FlintMichigan as a sophomore he averaged nine points per game nine rebounds per gameand two stills three assists getting it in junior year Huntington prep played inthe 2015 Dick’s Sporting Goods High School national tournament Bridgesgot the W against Jaylen Brown and number five ranked Wheeler in thequarterfinals right but the very next day they took an L to number one rankedOak Hill Academy in the semi final but you know he did a little thing no okayso on the year he averaged 15 points per game ten rebounds three assists twoblocks and two steals and he led Huntington Prep to their best record inschool history 31-3 beast in his senior year 25points a game ten rebounds five assists two stealstell me he wasn’t dominant he was beasting 2016 he’s named a McDonald’sall-american and to the Jordan Brand Classic beasting out he was considered afive-star recruit and ranked 10th in his class by Rivals.

Com baby ballingright there was only one school that he wanted to go to and there was only oneschool that he accepted an invitation for to go visit and that was Michigan Stateall and West Virginia Michigan State my man went back home everybody knew he wasgoing back home anyway he declined offers from Kentucky Kansasand Oregon there was a few others he declined offers from too but I could seehim playing for the Detroit Pistons I’m just being honest they dude like being at homein his freshman year at Michigan State in his debut versus Arizona he dropped21 points in seven rebounds but a few games into the season Miles had to missa couple of weeks due to an ankle injury oh that sucks and it returned to actionafter missing seven total games he scored a career high of 33 points and alosing effort to Purdue still it’s the effort that countsBridges did finish the season averaging 16 points eight rebounds two assists pergame the Spartans did finish the season with a 20 and 15 record now on April13th Miles shocked the world by announcing histo return to Michigan State for sophomore season baby now after theannouncement the Spartans are automatically the new favorites to winthe 2018 national championship sophomore season so miles bridges will go on tothe Michigan State to a 30 and 5 overall record in a 16 and 2 conference recordhe finished the season averaging 17 points per gameyessir and 7 rebounds per game yessir alright so they would go on to lose toMichigan you know and the Big Ten championship and everyone projected themto win the 2018 national championship right so they lose in the second roundthe Syracuse it sucks but Miles did not say whether or not if he’s going to theNBA Draft or is he going to enter the NBA Draft or not like he did last yearwhen he surprised everybody so I’m pretty much counting that he is going toenter the 2018 NBA Draft and he will go somewhere between 7 and 15 right but Ican’t see this guy playing for the Detroit Pistons he likes being at home Idon’t care what team draft him at the end of the day or the internet contracthe will be a Detroit Pistons and I can see I can honestly see I’m teaming upwith Blake Griffin and DeAndre Drummond I’m just sayingthat’d be a nice combination thank you for watching another episode of The Skilland if you new to this channel make sure you subscribe and don’t forget to hitthat notification bell and don’t forget to get your recommendations in in thecomment section see you guys in the next video thanks for your supportKingdom Jay out peace.