Commercialization in the NBA Effecting Players and Process

Commercialization in the NBA development process is a problem that cannot be avoided, and most of the management decisions between the players are from the business perspective.

Nowadays, the league can no longer find the feelings of Cuban and Nowitzki, Bath family and Kobe, even if strong, such as Curry can not get the “bargaining veto power” this overlord clause.

Although the alliance is commercialized, the relationship between players and players has become even closer.

One player has been injured and many players have been encouraged on social networks.

The NBA has not developed into a “cold-blooded” coalition.

Today, the cousin took stock of the five most touching brotherhoods of the New Century Alliance.

Wade prayed for Hayward and Kobe whispered to encourage McGrady.

Yao Ming cheered Yi Jianlian: In the 2007 NBA Draft, Yi Jianlian from China was selected by the Bucks in the sixth round of the first round.

At this time Yao Ming was at the peak of his career in the NBA.

When the Rockets met the Bucks for the first time, when Yao Ming warmed up before the game, he deliberately came to Yi Jianlian.

The two Chinese players met in the NBA arena, greeting each other and expressing deep meaning.

Dayao gave Yi Jianlian a lot of encouragement, and Yao Ming is the best example of Yi Jianlian here.

Kobe has made Jordan the following year: Jordan’s greatness does not need much to say.

He did not say when he threw out the peak of the killings.

It was enough to admire the two return times alone.

At the age of 40, Jordan still averaged 20+ points per game.

In the last season of Jordan’s career in 2003, Kobe Bryant was the first guard in the league.

In an offensive, Jordan fell to the ground, and Kobe Bryant flew off in the past.

The two men said they were laughing and talking.

This was the pass.

People are moved.

Wade prays for Hayward: Last summer, Jazz All-Star Hayward joined the Celtics, and the new lineup of Celtics is very much looking forward to.

In this season’s opener against the Cavaliers, the game only started for 5 minutes.

Hayward had unfortunately severely sprained his left foot in a rebound.

His expression was very painful.

At this time, Wade, who was an opponent, was very depressed on one knee and sincerely Pray for Hayward.

Although each of them was the main opponent and was still an opponent in the same division, Wade’s move was very touching.

Big Ben and Wallace interacted instantly: Once Big Ben and Wallace were the representatives of the Pistons’ strong defense.

They were sitting inside the team and even the Lakers with O’Neal, Kobe, Malone, and Payton could only drink and hate the Finals.

After the disintegration of the Pistons, Wallace stayed behind the Pistons, and Big Ben went to the Bulls, but when they were on the court, they would still be the most common form of interaction in the Pistons era.

Although you were no longer in the Pistons, I would do that because we are brothers.

Kobe whisper encourages McGrady: Bryant is the hardest player in NBA history, and McGrady is the most talented superstar in the NBA.

The match between the two players has always been talked about.

At the same time, they have a large number of fans in China.

Unlike Kobe Bryant, McGrady’s career was “fallen out.

” In the Pistons period, McGrady dragged his injured leg to make a free throw.

Kobe Bryant walked over to greet McGrady.

The past two days of being a favored person have become fate.

The scene did not know how many fans shed tears.