Best NBA Betting 101

Wrapping up on sports betting inside today prolly and Teddy Teddy we do this whatever sport why not the NBA NBA betting 11 streaks and spots let’s get into it taken away let’s start with with spots and you have a lot of back-to-backs in the NBA sure and when we talk about any a handicapping 101 this right here is a segment for those who are just starting to get into NBA the type of things that the markets react to and that i personally react to this is not a broad overview on how everybody beats the NBA this is what I look at in the NBA you know that tends to work fairly well over the course of time so let’s start.

What are bad spots in the NBA teams that you don’t want we talked about earlier in the show where the Kings been a really tough spot playing five and seven seconds and backpacks on the road in general back-to-backs with travel especially as the season progresses that’s a bad spot three games in four nights that’s a bad spot with tired legs four games in five nights a bad spot team satisfied off a win prior to a back-to-back situation seems off overtime games these are all spots that the markets don’t always adjust for enough scheduling matters a lot in the NBA but the power is going to keep checking out the same numbers on these teams and when you look at the spots and the situations you can often find edges about streaks here with totals an under-the-radar guys who get hurt role-players I mean streaks in my mind is that the key factor for bedding and BTW the NBA.

I mean especially with a coaching change to talk about those totals will see a-team change their philosophy and you’re gonna have a half seasons with the data say they’re an up-tempo team and the new coach comes in and says defense the markets can take some time to adjust in that regard and the under-the-radar the role player injuries or return to health or Sookie remember Toronto last year when DeMarre Carroll got hurt and tomorrow Carole no not no big deal you know he’s not one of those stars he’s not Lowery’s not the rosin and Carol of course of their defensive stopper they couldn’t get stops all of a sudden the Raptor games are flying over the total and they’re not covering numbers so the under-the-radar role-player integer she the markets are going to adjust power ratings very slowly.

After the first month or so undervalued more commodities can remain under bed for weeks on end and even great teams look at the warriors come out of the gate last year when 13 and five 80s our first 18 games just crushing teams covering w his friends consistently and the markets yeah the ratcheting up little you can take advantage when the teams playing up here and the markets are making adjustments down here you know in the NFL if you miss a team and a spot it’s gone you can’t chase in the NBA when a team isn’t being valued correctly you can miss one and still catching on the general strand the general trend and ride some of these streets ok so you’re you say the markets are slow to adjust but here you adjust your power ratings every single night every night every night i’m not talking about massive adjustments i’m talking about half point half-point half point but every single night I go through my NBA power and go through the box scores and that’s how you can take advantage of the shorter term streaks when a team is stepping up or they’re playing poorly.

Markets don’t make any short-term adjustments one once you get about December first Martha use the power ratings they’ll slowly move glacially move uh but if you’re making hey this thing is playing better hey this team is on a nice little run right now you can ride the streaks for a week or two and make money betting on or against squads that aren’t playing with their current form at the same level they played throughout the course of the entire season ok and and I power I have to know my coaches how important is that what does that mean well I want to talk about star players first because the markets always over react to start playing especially one game star player injuries but sometimes a guy gets hurt remember last year blake griffin got hurt and the clips all the clips of evaluations are going to where they want a huge Fred running his absence initially in particular though they over adjust to those one game absences when you have a guy getting hurt everybody else steps up hoe guess what we don’t have lebron today the rest of the cabs are going to step up and play.

we don’t have curry today the rest of the Warriors are gonna step up and play you can make a living just betting against the market moves after NBA injury info has announced the they always overreact at least it tends to be that ok now to the concert how important you are going yeah i mean there with coaches it only comes with experience but the more you watch NBA the more you read NBA the more you get to know your coaches and how they’re going to perform in different roles cope Popovich a master at coaching strong efforts out of his team when star players are city Mike D’Antoni doesn’t know a thing about getting her to stop during crunch time never has time to those teams are really tough off a loss etc etc etc and especially when it comes to derivative betting first-quarter first half if you know your coaches you can clean up with those derivatives because the markets they are over there you know that just an auto road here’s what the game spread is therefore here’s what the half spread is it for years with a quarter spread is and knowing your coaches and knowing their MMOs with first quarter and first halves those derivative markets man that they can be legitimate money makers but that only gonna come with experience.

we saved the best for last what’s your number one strategy well my number one strategy in the NBA is to identify what i consider to be miss price teams and you bet on or against those teams for an extended stretch i usually use five green five-game increments but sometimes i go five games and five more and five more and five more if the value is still there the been on bet against can continue indefinitely remember Atlanta two years ago that 20 and one point spread run from about mid december through the end of january when all the Hawks aren’t that good yes they are and the markets are in this jesting up incremental in current commander like no and let us right here right now that was a real profit maker and they’re only TV game during that span was a 30-point loss the smaller market under the radar teams without superstars those are the ones who hold their value look back at last year was orlando anything special last year they were not okay they had two separate 70 80 s runs in the first six weeks of the season they went 2188.

Through Christmas why they were a small market under the radar team that no one’s paying any attention to they’re playing a little bit better in the markets thought they were that was it you’re fine teams like Atlanta two years ago Orlando last year your ride them indefinitely until they start to lose 80 s those are teams you can make real money with that’s my number one strategy find them is price teams and ride them whether you’re betting on them or betting against hey guys for the full video go to SBR picks dot-com go to spr odds dot com browse compare and shop live Odds available at top online sports.