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Welcome everyone to our picks and predictions page for the upcoming MLB season! Below you will be able to find all the matchups for the week along with our expert picks for the given matchups. We make our choices based off logic and reasoning to make sure you guys get the absolute best help that we can give you. Each of our picks are very thought out and we have looked over each team’s roster moves and offseason as closely as possible. That is even more important as we head into a new season after some teams made some big moves to put themselves in a better position to win in this upcoming season. We even have the odds for each matchup as well if you happen to be betting on the matchups and if you listen to our expertise then it can work wonders for you throughout the season!

As the season goes on teams will go up and down in the power rankings as coaches can get fired, star players can get injured and teams can just not perform up to their standards. We keep up with all that information as well so you never have to go into a matchup questioning if a star player is active or if a team is on a losing streak because we will constantly keep you informed while explaining our picks. We pride ourselves in helping out everybody that decides to come to our page looking for advice. That is why we give all of our opinions as well as the stats and predictions to help give you all the information you could need. Just scroll on down to get started!

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