How to bet on football, best football betting tips

Well, what other sport can match the popularity of football? Hockey, basketball and tennis? Hardly. Probably, even if to gather all fans of these sports are clubbed, the fans of “leather ball” will be an order of magnitude greater.

No wonder that in football betting is more popular, and cash flow in football betting is tens of billions of euros.

At the same time, bets on football matches is much larger than in the other sports. Betting on soccer have many advantages, some of which are listed below.

Bookmakers traditionally give the players at the mercy of a large number of variants of outcomes, including a variety of events of a football match. Stake in football can be made not only on the winner of the match, but also to any advantage of one team over the other: for a yellow card, a corner kick, the percentage of possession, etc.

No less common in football bets on totals, where the object count may include: goals in a match, or each team, the number of cards, angular, individual player stats, and more.

High competition among bookmakers makes them minimize their own margin to increase the upper limit of the limit rates and ensure that the ratio was favorable compared to competitors. In aggregate, this approach leads to the fact that one football match a top club can be put in the amount of tens of millions of euros.

Football line is constantly filled with matches. Tens of thousands of clubs appear in the domestic league and cup competitions. Hundreds – participate in international tournaments for trophies (Champions League, UEFA Europa League KONKAAF etc.). Dozens of national teams continually spend friendly matches, tournament matches played on a world and European championships. This diversity allows the player almost every day to have a large variety of events for analysis and bet on football.

Football – a team game, which minimizes the likelihood of unexpected outcomes. Soccer analytics lends itself most clearly.

How bet on football for maximum wins

For successful football betting, you need to thoroughly understand it. Superficial knowledge or fluent analyst will inevitably lead to the loss. Let me give a few tips for those who have chosen the sport betting:

  • It should focus on one or two championships . A larger number does not allow to perceive a significant amount of information related to the pre-match analytics;
  • to predict any outcome of a football confrontation should begin at least one day before approaching. Then it is possible to process multiple sources of information to make a preliminary forecast and in the morning – to “clear head” – to make a winning bet on football;
  • bet during the game you need to make watching live broadcast. In such cases are more likely to take place bets on which team will score next, totals, angular and cards;
  • should not get involved in betting on the “detailed sche t ‘in football. There bounce, own goals, penalties, etc., that may unexpectedly change the result;
  • in cases equivalent outcomes to win (the meeting of teams, approximately equal in strength) is better to use betting handicap.We hope these tips have helped you at the rates and answered many questions.