5 Mistakes You Might Be Making Placing A Sport Bet

In this today’s post i’m showing you the 5 things you could be doing wrong when placing a sport bet.

stay tuned to the end because number 5 is our experts unanimous decision as the most important.

Number 5

When placing your sport bet you could be betting based on your gut.

everyday you’re bombarded by media about sports gossip, news and opinions all competing for your attention and influencing your choices.

Which causes a major problem, which is giving one game or result a lot more significant than it deserves.

follow numbers rather than opinions and conjecture.

If you don’t know how to get numbers and take the time to go through stats research, follow someone who knows what they’re doing.

Number 4

Betting one sport decreases your winnings.

and let’s be honest if you’re looking to make money than it shouldn’t matter what sport you bet on as long as you’re betting smart and you’re following a service or system that has proven they know that sport.

betting the one sport you like, follow and watch makes as much as sense as investing in stock in only water because you don’t like beer or soda.

if you did invest in all 3, being water,beer and soda you’d do much better than investing in one.

Number 3

betting for the short term.

imagine this scenario, you get your 4 year degree and find a company with a 10 year guarantee career option and you go through the whole process to earn the position.

But you only stay there for 3 weeks.

it doesn’t make sense, all the time energy and money you put into it and you get out early.

it’s the same with sports betting, you search for the program that’s legit and follow it before you put your hard earned money into it but when you starting putting money in you bet for 3 weeks and don’t like your results.

betting for the short term shouldn’t dictate your success.

stay with it for the long term.

Number 1

betting too much.

Here’s a brief gage to help you visualize where you should be.

very aggressive bettors should bet at the very most 2%, but did you know that there are mathematical reasons for betting 1 to 1.

5% and even betting less than.

5%? stay tuned and i’ll show you why sport bet mistake number 1.

using a service that’s not verified and doesn’t have a guarantee.

think about this how long did it take for you to save up your bankroll to start betting or how long would you need to save to get a bankroll you’d be willing to bet with between 1k and 10k? no matter your answer you should realize that your hard earned money is on the line so you need to make sure the people who are making your picks are legit.

and legit means their results are verified and they have a guarantee.

after all you need to get your money back if it doesn’t pan out.

there you have it the 5 things you might be doing wrong with your sport bet.

again they were betting on your gut, betting on sport,betting for the short term, bet too much and using a service that’s not verified and doesn’t have a guarantee.

comment below with anything about betting wrong you think we missed.