NFL Straight Up Picks – NFL Predictions Week 7 (2021)

Best NFL Straight Up Picks Week 7

NFL Schedule Aug 05

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Cowboys +1 55 0
Steelers -1 0

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Giants vs. Eagles
The Giants have only had one game that proved they even have a remotely decent offense so far this season. That was against the worst defense in the entire league and they still weren’t able to win that ball game. They look terrible on both sides of the ball and should continue to compete for that number one overall pick without Saquon Barkley there. Their opponent hasn’t looked good either. The Eagles have struggled on both sides of the ball also but have been able to stay closer in their games than the Giants have. Philadelphia should be able to take advantage of the Giants weak pass defense and low scoring offense in order to take full control of this game.

Final Pick: Eagles


Browns vs. Bengals
The Browns are 4-1 for the first time in over 15 years and they have looked great so far this season under their new head coach. Their offense has been clicking and they have been able to put up points on a consistent basis this season. Their defense has been coming around as of late as well to give their team a chance to win games. The Bengals haven’t been as lucky. While their rookie quarterback Joe Burrow has shown many flashes of greatness already in this young season, their offensive line has been unable to protect him at all, causing him to take countless hit all game long. Their defense has taken a big step forward this season, but it doesn’t matter when their offense can’t score points. The Browns should be able to take full control of this game.

Final Pick: Browns

Steelers vs. Titans
The Steelers are looking very good so far this season with Ben Roethlisberger back as the starting quarterback. James Connor has also been able to bounce back from his benching back during the season opener against the Giants. As well as that, their defense has continued to look like a top ten unit in the NFL, which will make things very hard for the Titans in this matchup. The Titans will need to feed Derrick Henry the football quite a bit in order to tire out the Steelers front seven and create more lanes to pass the ball. I think the Steelers have more firepower on both sides of the ball and should be able to beat the Titans in this AFC clash.

Final Pick: Steelers

Bills vs. Jets
The Bills continue to show that they are among the best teams in the league right now. Their quarterback Josh Allen keeps on improving every single week and they because of that they have been scoring points at a much higher rate than last season. They also have one of the fastest defenses in the NFL, which makes it incredibly difficult to score on them. They get the Jets this week, who are arguably the worst team in the league right now. They haven’t had any consistent offensive play so far this season and their defense looks absolutely atrocious. Need I say more? Take the Bills here.

Final Pick: Bills


Seahawks vs. Cardinals
Russell Wilson remains the front runner for MVP as he has been somehow able to lead his team to a number of victories this season with his arm. His leadership has been rubbing off on the rest of the team as well and it has helped them win a few very close games. Their defense hasn’t been that great though and have had trouble stopping their opponents. But they still have enough talent on that side to win ball games. Their get the Cardinals this week, who were looking like a playoff team a few weeks ago before their losses to the Detroit Lions and the Carolina Panthers. Now they have begun to show their age a small bit with only a second-year head coach and second year quarterback. They will need their defense to play light out in order to keep up with Seattle offensively which I don’t believe will happen.

Final Pick: Seahawks

Chiefs vs. Broncos
The Chiefs may have lost their game to the Raider a few weeks ago, but this team is far too talented to have that loss make them spiral out of control. They have a great defense and an outstanding offense that should definitely mark them as the favorite against any given team. They play the Broncos this week who should hopefully be getting Drew Lock back as the starting quarterback. Lock should be able to put up a decent amount of points unless their offensive line is unable to protect him. He will need to put up a lot of points if he wants to give his team a chance, as their defense is riddled with injuries and won’t be able to slow down Mahomes and company. As much as I like Lock and this Broncos offense, they simply won’t be able to keep up with the Chiefs.

Final Pick: Chiefs

Buccaneers vs. Raiders
The Buccaneers have looked really good in some games but have just looked terrible in others. Their offense doesn’t seem like it has fully chemistry yet but that is due to as the season slowly moves on. Their defense has been very good so far this season also which has been a surprise to many people. They play a Raiders team that is beginning to get an explosive offense. While their defense isn’t that good due to their inexperience, their offense is starting to find their form now nearing the halfway point of the season. Derek Carr has been able to take of the football a little better as the weeks have gone on and has avoided interceptions so far this season. This is bound to be a great game but I think that the Raiders will be able to take down the Buccaneers.

Final Pick: Raiders

Panthers vs. Saints
The Panthers have actually looked better ever since Christian McCaffrey went down with an injury earlier in the season. They have focused more on their passing attack without him which has allowed Teddy Bridgewater to prove why he got that contract in the offseason. It worked out quite well for the team as they are staying competitive in each game so far this season with their defense improving every week. The Saints are still a wild card right now. We have rarely seen all pro Michael Thomas out on the field so far this season as he was injured for a few games then was disciplined for another game. So, we haven’t seen them at full strength yet, but they remain a great team despite their record. The Saints should be able to beat the Panthers but not by much.

Final Pick: Saints

Packers vs. Texans
The Packers look like legitimate Super Bowl contenders this season and somehow look even better than they did last season. Both their offense and defense has played great football together although there are a few small things they need to clean up. They should get an easy matchup this week against the underwhelming Texans. They have played much better since firing their former head coach Bill O’Brien but just don’t have enough talent to keep them in football games outside of Deshaun Watson and J.J. Watt. The Packers could win this one by a good margin.

Final Pick: Packers

Lions vs. Falcons
Neither of these teams have been able to hold a steady lead throughout the course of the game so far this season. They each have lost ten plus point leads en route to a loss. This is a battle between two struggling teams with a lot of change coming up soon. The Lions should be able to score at will against this weak Falcons secondary that is missing a ton of key players due to injury. Meanwhile, the Falcons should be able to score quite a bit against a below average Lions defense that hasn’t looked that great so far. Overall, I think that they Lions will be able to put up points more consistently than the Falcons can in this matchup, and it will lead them to victory.

Final Pick: Lions

Cowboys vs. Football Team
Each of these teams look downright awful right now. The Cowboys without Dak Prescott look much slower and less high powered than what they were before. Their defense just looks like the worst unit in the entire league as well, even though they will Leighton Vander Esch back into the lineup this week. The Football Team isn’t much better though, as they keep cycling quarterbacks so often that none of them are able to find a groove in the system and it has caused them to lose a bunch of games already. I feel like the winner of this game will be the team with more overall talent than the other, which is the Cowboys even without Prescott.

Final Pick: Cowboys

49ers vs. Patriots
The 49ers were able to get Jimmy Garoppolo back into the lineup a few games ago but were completely unable to get anything going with him at quarterback. Their defense has also shown a lot of weaknesses due to their injuries as they allowed Ryan Fitzpatrick to throw for over 350 yards and three touchdowns. Meanwhile the Patriots have been a methodical offensive team with Cam Newton at quarterback, if he is healthy and eligible to play this game then I see no reason as to why the Patriots might lose this game. Garoppolo will need to come back to form fast or else they will fall behind by a lot early on. I don’t see the Patriots losing this game after how Garoppolo played in his game back.

Final Pick: Patriots


Jaguars vs. Chargers
The Jaguars just aren’t that great of a team. While Gardner Minshew is able to give this team a chance week in and week out, they just aren’t able to stop teams with their defense. It doesn’t help that they have been riddled with injuries either. They play a hot Chargers team with rookie Justin Herbert leading the charge offensively. With Herbert on offense, this teams looks like a top unit in the NFL although they have badly missed Austin Ekeler since he went down with an injury. They should put up a ton of points against the thinned-out Jaguars defense and take this game easily.

Final Pick: Chargers

Bears vs. Rams
The Bears are winning much more than many expected them too when the season first began. Nick Foles has looked pretty good so far in his time as the starting quarterback and the team seems to rally around him. Their defense hasn’t looked great so far this season, but still a very solid group, nonetheless. But this may be their toughest test yet, playing a Rams team that has seemingly found their Super Bowl form again. Their defense is becoming a top unit in the league led by superstar Aaron Donald and their offense has been putting up a lot of points each week. This will be a lower scoring affair this time, but the Rams should still come out on top.

Final Pick: Rams

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