NFL Straight Up Picks – NFL Predictions Week 5 (2021)

Best NFL Straight Up Picks Week 5

NFL Schedule Sep 16

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Giants +3 43 0
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Chicago Bears

The Buccaneers have been showing a lot more composure and potential as the season has been going on. They are really starting to fire on all cylinders here and show flashes of what they could be like at their best. Meanwhile, the Bears recently made the change from Mitchell Trubisky to Nick Foles and the early showings are that Foles takes this team to another level. This game is definitely going to go back and forth but I think Brady’s experience is able to drive them past the Bears.

Final Pick: Buccaneers

Broncos vs. Patriots

The Broncos came into this season with so much hope and optimism but all of that is quickly fading away due to all of their injuries. Sutton, Lock and Von Miller just to name a few of them. Those guys being out of this contest makes this a much easier game to pick. The Patriots are clicking right now with Cam Newton as their quarterback and are beginning to look like a very powerful offense, which will completely overpower the depleted Broncos defense. Look for the Patriots to take over in this game.

Final Pick: Patriots


Bengals vs. Ravens

The Bengals badly need to protect their franchise quarterback Joe Burrow. He is getting thrown around game after game and is having little to no time to pass the football downfield. Their opponent in this matchup is one of the best teams in the entire league with a very talented pass rush that is bound to disrupt the entire Bengals offense. Meanwhile, reigning MVP winner Lamar Jackson should move the ball up and down the field on offense against a poor Bengals defense that may be missing Geno Atkins. The Ravens are the clear favorite in this one and for good reason, take the Ravens here.

Final Pick: Ravens

Bills vs. Titans

The Bills have played outstanding football so far this season behind Josh Allen’s passing accuracy and improvement. The decision to bring in Stefon Diggs from the Vikings was arguably the best offseason move that they were able to make, and it is paying off in a big way for the Bills. They also have one of the best defenses in the NFL with high flying safeties and great linebackers. Meanwhile, they play a good Titans team that is lead by their rushing attack and Derrick Henry. If the Bills are able to shut down Henry and the run game, it will force Ryan Tannehill to make big time throws downfield, which will put the Bills in a position to win. Allen will also have a field day with the below average Titans secondary and should be able to put up a good amount of points. Take the Bills on this one.

Final Pick: Bills

Cardinals vs. Jets

While the Cardinals did lose their game against the Detroit Lions back in Week 3, they are still one of the better and most improved teams in football right now. Kyler Murray is having a very good season now that he has an explosive number one receiver in DeAndre Hopkins and a number one running back in Kenyan Drake. Add all that with a young and inventive coach and you have a recipe for success. On the other hand, the Jets remain as one of the worst teams in the league by far. This will be one of the hardest matchups that they are going against so far this season, and itll take a lot to win this one. Although, the Cardinals should win this one handily as there is a huge gap in talent between these two teams.

Final Pick: Cardinals

Dolphins vs. 49ers

We never know what version of Ryan Fitzpatrick we are going to get when watching the Dolphins play. If Fitzpatrick is able to lock in and lead this team then they should be in great shape to steal this one from the 49ers who may be missing a ton of players due to injuries on both sides of the ball. The 49ers have been hammered with injuries all year but were somehow able to defeat the Jets and Giants pretty handily. However, their streak will have to end at some point without a majority of their starters healthy and I believe that it ends here. Fitzpatrick should be able to rally his team and take advantage of the 49er’s injury riddled secondary.

Final Pick: Dolphins


Giants vs. Cowboys

The Giants have a lot of issues throughout their roster, especially now that Saquon Barkley is out for the remainder of the season due to an ACL tear. They will have to get more consistent offense out of Daniel Jones and company in order to make up for their porous defense. The Cowboys record may not show it, but Dak Prescott is playing incredible football so far. Having multiple 400+ yard passing games and keeping his team in each and every game until the end. They should have a field day against this terrible Giants secondary and defense overall. Look for Dallas to take over this ballgame and put up a lot of points.

Final Pick: Cowboys

Chargers vs. Saints

This game heavily depends upon who is going to be starting quarterback for the LA Chargers. If it is Tyrod Taylor, then the offense is expected to be a little slower and more cautious with the ball. But if its Herbert, then this ball will fly all over the field and make for some fast scoring drives. Their defense should be able to limit Drew Brees and this very talented Saints offense for a while, but they will need to score a lot of points in order to beat them. I expect Taylor to be named the starter for this game which means I am going with the Saints here; Taylor is just too cautious and wont score as much points.

Final Pick: Saints

Panthers vs. Falcons

Neither of these teams look good so far this season, especially after Christian McCaffrey got injured a few weeks ago for the Panthers. Carolina has been struggling on offense a small bit without their star player, but they are starting to improve every week which improves their chances of winning this divisional game. Meanwhile, the Falcons refuse to hold onto a lead during a game and have just been unable to get a statement win. They still have one of the most explosive offenses in the league and I don’t think that the Panthers will be able to score that much without their star running back. The Falcons should close this one out.

Final Pick: Falcons

Eagles vs. Steelers

The Eagles continue to look like a very disappointing team this season. Carson Wentz has had flashes of greatness and also many mistakes through this very young NFL season. His offensive line will need to continue to buy him a little more time to work with especially against one of the best defenses in the league. The Steelers are rolling right now offensively with Big Ben back as the starting quarterback along with JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Connor healthy as well. Meanwhile, their defense has gotten off to a bit of a slow start, but they have a lot of talent on that side of the ball that should turn it up soon. They will be able to fluster Wentz and force him into a few mistakes, take the Steelers on this one.

Final Pick: Steelers


Jaguars vs. Texans

The Jaguars defense seems to be getting worse this season, and they are not to be trusted again this week against a decent Texans offense. Jacksonville lacks weapons across their roster outside of a few key players and will need Minshew to play out of his mind in order to stay close in this ballgame. On the other hand, the Texans are hungry to get back on track in order to not lose their grip on this season. Deshaun Watson should be able to carve up the Jaguars defense and put his team in great scoring positions throughout the game. Expect the Texans to finally have an all-around good game and add to the win column.

Final Pick: Texans

Raiders vs. Chiefs

The Raiders have been a little underwhelming lately but that is due to change this week against their divisional rivals. They should be able to get a good rhythm going against this good Chiefs defense but will need their defense to come up big if they want to win this game. It is hard to bet against Patrick Mahomes in any game which is why I have full confidence that they will be able to march down the field often against a very young and inexperienced Raiders defense. The Mahomes led Chiefs should win this game.

Final Pick: Chiefs

Rams vs. Football Team

The Rams may have dropped the game against the Bills, but they are still one of the more talented teams in the league right now and have one of the best coaches in the game. They have been getting their run game going a lot more lately as well as involving their two big receivers in Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods. Their defense is also very talented and led by superstar Aaron Donald, who mows through anybody in his way. Their matchup is against a very inexperienced team that may be missing their number two overall pick in Chase Young. Dwayne Haskins also hasn’t looked good so far in his career, throwing a few bad interceptions so far this season as well. He will have to play a great mistake free game in order to catch the Rams by surprise and force an upset here. I don’t think that will happen in this game though, as the Rams should win this one handily.
Final Pick: Rams

Colts vs. Browns

The Colts have shown that they could be a dominant team after a few big wins so far this season, but they have also shown that they could be underwhelming, especially after their season opener loss to the Jaguars. Quarterback Philip Rivers should be able to be a great game manager in this matchup and feed his running backs to help propel this offense to score a good amount of points. Meanwhile, the Browns have been up and down all season but could be in store for a big offensive game against the Colts average secondary. This game should go down to the last drive, but I think that the Colts will be able to pull away with this one.

Final Pick: Browns

Vikings vs. Seahawks

Even when the Vikings have incredible games, they still end up losing. They had one of the best weeks every imaginable against the Titans back in Week 3 where Dalvin Cook had run for 180 yards and Justin Jefferson was able to gather over 170 receiving yards, but they were still unable to win. They have to improve defensively if they want to win this matchup against one of the hottest teams in the league right now. Led by Russel Wilson (leading MVP candidate), this Seahawks team is so dangerous when passing the football but has had a little disappointing year defensively. However, they still have Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams, two players who are arguably the best in their respective positions on their defense and should be more than enough to help them win this game. The Vikings will need a perfect game in order to defeat this team and I just don’t see it happening. The Seahawks should win this one.

Final Pick: Seahawks

Falcons vs. Packers

The Falcons have one of the worst defenses in the entire league but one of the most explosive offenses. Normally, you can bet on the Falcons to keep games close due to their scoring offensively, but this game should be completely different. The Packers have a lot of talent defensively that will overwhelm the Falcons passing and rushing attack, especially if Julio Jones isn’t able to suit up. On the other side of the ball, Aaron Rodgers is playing with a chip on his shoulder after the selection of a quarterback in the first round of this past year’s draft and he has played outstanding. He should absolutely rip up the Falcons horrific defense and be able to put up nearly 40 plus points in this game. This one should be all Packers barring injuries.

Final Pick: Packers