NFL Straight Up Picks – NFL Predictions Week 16 (2021)

Best NFL Straight Up Picks Week 16

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Vikings vs. Saints

The Vikings are beginning to get a kicking problem as their kicker missed four field goals a few weeks ago against Tampa Bay and a few before that game as well. Points are at a premium this season and kickers are relied upon to follow through on their kicks and give their team a few points. They will need a kicker more than ever this week against a very tough Saints team that is looking for that number one seed out in the NFC. New Orleans happens to boast one of the best defenses in the league along with a very explosive Saints offense that might have Drew Brees back. This will be a very entertaining Christmas day game, but the Saints should be fixing a few things and pick up a huge win here.

Final Pick: Saints

49ers vs. Cardinals

The 49ers have been struggling all season long due to the number of injuries that they have suffered on both sides of the football. They have not had enough offensive success at all after injuries to Jimmy Garoppolo and George Kittle along with Raheem Mostert and a few offensive linemen. They will need to play at their best if they want to take down an inconsistent Cardinals team that is looking to cement their spot in the postseason. This is going to be a highly intense ball game filled with lead changes. However, the Cardinals are the far better team right now due to the injuries suffered by numerous 49er players. Take them with confidence this week.

Final Pick: Cardinals

Browns vs. Jets

I apologize to all the Jets fans out there that see this week to week. But they are going to be blown out yet again in this game. The Seahawks were able to absolutely obliterate them a few weeks ago and got massive success on the ground game against this 32nd ranked defense. Cleveland happens to have one of the best rushing offenses in all of football right now with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt forming a formidable duo. They should rip open this defense with big run after big run and put the Jets in a huge deficit early on. Cleveland will pick up another win this season to add onto their already successful year.

Final Pick: Browns

Bears vs. Jaguars

The Bears are one of the most inconsistent teams in the league, especially with Mitchell Trubisky under center for this offense. Their biggest improvement lately has been their rushing game as they are starting to generate huge holes for David Montgomery to run through and it has given new life to this offense. They get a terrible Jaguars defense this week that allowed Derrick Henry to run for nearly 200 yards a few weeks ago. To make matters better for the Bears, they face either Mike Glennon or Gardner Minshew as their defense is a top ten unit in the league. They should force either of those quarterbacks into making mistakes throughout the game and give their offense even more opportunities to win this game. Chicago has far more talent than the Jaguars do as Jacksonville is still in the midst of a rebuild.

Final Pick: Bears

Buccaneers vs. Lions

The Buccaneers have surprisingly struggled on the offensive side of the ball in recent weeks despite having an insane amount of talent at every position on their offense. Brady hasn’t been able to complete the long ball at nearly the rate that he was doing earlier in the season and that is something he will have to improve if they want to win this ball game. They will have numerous chances in this game as the Lions have one of the worst defenses in the NFL this year and will be missing first round pick Jeff Okudah after he got season ending surgery a few weeks ago. Tampa Bay is the far better team and I have realized that it is never good to bet against Brady.

Final Pick: Buccaneers

Dolphins vs. Raiders

This is going to be one of the most interesting games of the week as the Dolphins have one of the most fascinating young quarterbacks in the league in Tua Tagovailoa as well as having an outstanding defense filled with talent. Meanwhile, the Raiders have been wildly inconsistent but still have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball including Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs. This game will be a battle of offenses which would put the Dolphins in a prime position to win this game. Their defense has forced a takeaway in over 15 straight games and should be able to force another one in this game against the turnover prone Derek Carr. Pick Miami to win another game this season and continue their push for the postseason this week.

Final Pick: Dolphins

Panthers vs. Football Team

The Panthers are a strong team but are just missing a few pieces to take them to that next level. They have a pretty good offense given their superstar running back Christian McCaffrey has missed all but a few games this season. However, it has been their defense that has taken the next step and has made it very difficult for opposing teams to score on them. Much like their opponent in this matchup, the Washington Football Team has a stellar defense filled with talent and is currently ranked as a top three unit in the league. Their offense is almost non-existent though outside of Terry Mclaurin and Antonio Gibson. This team is dangerous and is surprisingly fighting for a playoff spot right now, I would take them in this game.

Final Pick: Football Team

Falcons vs. Chiefs

The Falcons have been much improved after firing head coach Dan Quinn a few weeks ago but they still have a lot of holes to fill if they want to start winning more games. Their defense is absolutely atrocious regardless of their improvements in recent weeks, but their offense is one of the deadliest units in the league. They won’t be able to make any mistakes in this matchup however as they face off against arguably the best team in the league and the reigning Super Bowl champions. The Chiefs offense is one of the most complete units in NFL history with Patrick Mahomes throwing the football. It is so dominant that it hardly ever matters what their defense allows due to them scoring so much on the offensive end. I have learned to never bet against the Chiefs and Mahomes.

Final Pick: Chiefs

Colts vs. Steelers

The Colts are one of the most complete teams in the league due to their newfound defensive dominance and their new quarterback Philip Rivers controlling the offense. They get a real test this week against a Steelers team that has struggled in recent weeks but is still considered a top team in the league due to their excellent defense and talent filled offense. This game is going to be a battle between two stellar defenses and won’t be high scoring but will be very exciting all the way through. I doubt the Steelers lose another game after dropping a few games in recent weeks, pick them to bounce back and win here.

Final Pick: Steelers

Bengals vs. Texans

The Bengals hopes of winning games this season is almost all wrapped up after the devastating injury that Joe Burrow suffered a few weeks ago. This offense is now one of the worst units in the league with Brandon Allen controlling the offense and their defense is nowhere near a dominant level that other teams have. Meanwhile, the Texans have a superstar quarterback in Deshaun Watson who should be able to dissect the young Bengals offense easily. This is going to be a sloppy game as both of these teams are looking at a top draft pick next season, but Houston is definitely better than Cincinnati after the Burrow injury.

Final Pick: Texans

Broncos vs. Chargers

The Broncos were able to get a glimpse of offensive success a few weeks ago but outside of those games they have had virtually no offensive success behind Drew Lock. Their rushing attack has been non-existent as well which has put immense pressure on their young and depleted defense. They will struggle again this week against the high-flying Chargers offense led by possible rookie of the year Justin Herbert. This Chargers team has talent across their roster even though their record this season doesn’t show it. Pick the Chargers with confidence to pick up a huge win this week against their division rivals.

Final Pick: Chargers

Titans vs. Packers

The Titans have been able to ride the unstoppable train that is running back Derrick Henry. Henry has been able to wear down every opposing defense this season and appears to get even stronger as the game progresses. This dominance has helped Ryan Tannehill in the passing game by opening up a ton of lanes for him to throw the ball through. However, their defense will continue to struggle against this powerful Packers offense led by future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. Green Bay also happens to own the top seed in the conference and should be able to hold onto that with a win this week.

Final Pick: Packers

Giants vs. Ravens

New York has been really good this season despite their record. They lost superstar running back Saquon Barkley back in Week 2 and have had almost no offensive success this season after that. Their defense though has been playing like a top unit in the league as of late, forcing turnovers week after week. They get a tough test against this Baltimore offense that features a ton of different option plays for Lamar Jackson to choose from. The Giants defense will be able to keep them in this ball game, but their offense is so bad that they may not be able to keep up with Baltimore. Take the Ravens in this game as they continue to push for a playoff spot.

Final Pick: Ravens

Rams vs. Seahawks

The Rams were able to dominate their last matchup against the Seahawks with their trio of running backs. It helped open up passing lanes for Jared Goff to pass through and it certainly helped that Seattle happens to own the 31st ranked defense in the league right now. Seattle will need to improve defensively in order to give them a chance in this week as Russell Wilson and this Seahawks offense is going to be struggle against the number one ranked defense in the league right now. This will be a heated division rematch with big playoff implications. Expect a very close game that comes down to the wire, but the Seahawks should be able to win this game and get revenge after their previous loss.

Final Pick: Seahawks

Eagles vs. Cowboys

This will be a very different game compared to the first matchup between these two teams. After starting Ben DiNucci in their last game, the Cowboys will now have Andy Dalton healthy for this game while the Eagles are starting Jalen Hurts this week instead of Carson Wentz. Hurts has played great since taking over the starting role while Dalton has shown some weakness in recent weeks due to their awful rushing attack this season. It is hard to tell what version of each team we are going to get this weekend, but the Eagles should be able to take a win here due to Hurts excellent play in recent weeks.

Final Pick: Eagles

Bills vs. Patriots

This can very easily be a trap game for the Bills as the Patriots know how to handle young quarterbacks. Josh Allen has been an MVP caliber quarterback all season long and has shown superstar potential throughout they year now that he has a star receiver in Stefon Diggs on the roster. Their defense is also returning to their dominant form from a season ago. Meanwhile, the Patriots offense is one of the worst in the league with Cam Newton at quarterback due to the lack of weapons they have at the wide receiver and tight end position. Their defense and special teams have been able to win them ball games this year, but they are going to need some offense to fend off a tough Buffalo team. Take the Bills this week due to their all-around incredible performances.

Final Pick: Bills