NFL Straight Up Picks – NFL Predictions Week 15 (2021)

Best NFL Straight Up Picks Week 15

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Chargers vs. Raiders

The Chargers need a new coaching staff and fast. They were recently blown out by the New England Patriots 45-0 and have been unable to close out games all season long. They need to find some sort of consistency on either side of the football and a better coaching staff might help them win games. They face off against another incredibly inconsistent team in the Raiders this week. Las Vegas should have lost to the Jets a few weeks ago but had a miracle victory in the closing seconds and was smothered by the Atlanta Falcons a few games before that. This game is going to be very unpredictable but the Chargers should be able to squeak out an upset win this week due to their explosive offense.

Final Pick: Chargers

Panthers vs. Packers

The Panthers have been improving as the season goes on but has had some injury struggles this year. Most notably to their superstar running back Christian McCaffrey as he has only played a few games. Their offense isn’t that explosive without him but they still have a solid quarterback and some great wide receivers to stress out any defense. Their defense is young and inexperienced but they are getting better each and every week. However, the task that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers bring may be far too much for them to handle this week. Rodgers should dice up the Panthers secondary while their defense should be able to completely slow down the Panthers offense. Leading Green Bay to yet another victory in their hunt for the number one seed.

Final Pick: Packers

Lions vs. Titans

The Lions are just not that great of a football team. Outside of a few key players like Stafford and Golladay, their offense isn’t that great. They haven’t had consistent success on that side of the football and it doesn’t help their case that their defense can’t stop anybody. They face off against a physical Titans team that likes to establish dominance with Derrick Henry rushing the football. The winner of this game is going to be whichever team gets more offensive success and, in this case, the Titans have far more consistency on that side of the ball than the Lions do, especially with the Lions firing multiple coaches a few weeks ago.

Final Pick: Titans

Browns vs. Giants

The Browns have continued to find new ways to win ball games. Their offense has been getting better every week with their head coach coming up with new and interesting formations almost every game now. Their defense has also been stellar lately, forcing a lot of turnovers and limiting the number of points that their opponents get. Meanwhile, the Giants have been just as good despite their record. They should have Daniel Jones back at quarterback after his hamstring injury forced him to miss a few games which should benefit this struggling offense a ton. They already happen to have an incredible defense right now so they will need their offense to step up in order to win this game. These two teams have entirely different records but it will be a close game throughout. I am going with the Browns in this game due to them consistently pulling out victories in games that they shouldn’t win.

Final Pick: Browns

Bills vs. Broncos

The Bills have a well-rounded team that is capable of defeating any team that stands in their way. They are led by quarterback Josh Allen who is a possible MVP candidate by the time this season is all said and done. The same can’t be said for the Broncos as their young quarterback Drew Lock has thrown an interception in almost nine straight games now. Their defense is also riddled with injuries, making it hard to stop any team that they face. Buffalo will be able to win this game handily barring any injury setbacks for either team.

Final Pick: Bills

Jets vs. Rams

Like most of the Jets games this season, this one won’t need much explanation. New York is seemingly losing games on purpose at this point after their disastrous loss to the Las Vegas Raiders a few weeks ago. Their entire roster is lacking talent and it doesn’t help that their coaching staff is among the worst in the league. They should be blown out this week by an explosive Rams offense and the second ranked defense in the NFL. Pick the Rams with a lot of confidence here.

Final Pick: Rams

Texans vs. Colts

The Texans were in prime position to win the game the last time these two teams matched up against one another. That was, until their center snapped the ball incorrectly which led to the Colts taking over and winning the game. Because this is a division game, there is no telling how this game will play out. However, the Texans have been playing their hearts out ever since their head coach was fired in the middle of the season and should have beaten this team a few weeks ago. I think they get their revenge on Philip Rivers and the Colts and do what they were unable to do last matchup, win the game.

Final Pick: Texans

Seahawks vs. Football Team

The Seahawks have been inconsistent after their hot start to the year. However, they still have an MVP candidate in Russell Wilson leading the charge along with future star wide receiver DK Metcalf wreaking havoc on opposing defenses. Their defense has also steadily improved ever since they got Jamal Adams back from his injury. Meanwhile, the Football Team has a wonderful defense but a pitiful offense despite having Antonio Gibson and Terry Mclaurin on their roster. Alex Smith is a good quarterback but he doesn’t raise the ceiling for this offense and that is a problem in big games such as this one. The Seahawks will be fighting for a playoff spot and should be able to win a close game here with Wilson putting up big numbers.

Final Pick: Seahawks

Patriots vs. Dolphins

The Patriots have proven that they can beat any team in the NFL when they are prepared and healthy. They have dominated the Los Angeles Chargers and defeated the hot Arizona Cardinals in consecutive weeks and look to make a late playoff push with a win here. For Miami, they are second in their division and boast one of the best defenses in the NFL. This will be a very close matchup between two division rivals battling it out for a playoff spot but I think that the Dolphins will fight for their revenge this week against New England and pick up a much-needed victory this week.

Final Pick: Dolphins

Buccaneers vs. Falcons

The Buccaneers have so much talent on their offense and yet have had so many games which saw them struggle mightily on offense. They just don’t seem like they know how to integrate all these pieces together to get rolling like everybody has expected them too up to this point. However, they should be locked and loaded for this matchup against their division rivals as the Falcons have one of the worst secondaries in the league, Brady is sure to make light work of them and put up a ton of points en route to a Tampa Bay victory to keep them in the fight for that number one seed in the NFC.

Final Pick: Buccaneers

Eagles vs. Cardinals

This game heavily depends upon who is named the starting quarterback for the Eagles, will it be Jalen Hurts or Carson Wentz. Each of these two players bring out completely different offenses for their team and could change the outcome completely. Their defense should be able to hold up against Kyler Murray and this explosive offense but they will need to put up consistent points or else the Cardinals are going to gain too much of a lead. Philadelphia cannot allow this game to get out of hand early on or else they will not be able to fight their way back into the matchup. They need to be prepared and hungry to win this game or else the Cardinals will stomp them. I actually think that the Eagles could win this game with Hurts starting, if Wentz starts though, Arizona will win this game.

Final Pick: Cardinals

49ers vs. Cowboys

The San Francisco 49ers are a walking hospital list as half of their team is currently on injured reserve. They are going to be without Nick Bosa, Jimmy Garoppolo and George Kittle for this matchup against a troubled Cowboys team that is facing numerous injuries of their own, including quarterback Dak Prescott who is out for the year with a ankle injury. Each of these teams have played far below their expectations up to this point and it will be interesting to see which team comes out with the most fire and intensity. I expect the 49ers to win this game because of how strong their defense has been since Richard Sherman has come back from his injury. The only way they lose this game is if Nick Mullens tries to force the ball too many times and turns it over multiple times.

Final Pick: 49ers

Bears vs. Vikings

Chicago has fallen so far down the power rankings ever since their shocking 5-1 start to the season. They have switched quarterbacks’ multiple times and their coaching staff is being heavily questioned after poor play calling. Their offense has been completely nonexistent this season and is hurting their team who happens to boast a top ranked defense in the NFL. They go up against a very hot Vikings team that is starting to hit their stride behind superstar running back Dalvin Cook and emerging star Justin Jefferson. This will definitely be a close division game between two rivals but the Vikings should get the best of the Bears for a second time this season barring any injuries.

Final Pick: Vikings

Jaguars vs. Ravens

The Jaguars have played really good football the past few weeks but have been unable to pull away with victories. They have had more success on offense lately with Mike Glennon taking over the starting job while James Robinson carries the load of the rushing attack. Their defense though has struggled to stop anybody due to their lack of overall talent. On the other side of this game, the Ravens are one of the most talented teams in the league but have struggled badly all season long. They seem to be too predictable and aren’t gelling together as a team or forming any type of chemistry. Down the line that could be a major issue but for this game it shouldn’t. They should be able to pull away with a win here but it definitely won’t be a blowout.

Final Pick: Ravens

Chiefs vs. Saints

This will be the game of the week without question. The Chiefs look unstoppable this year with Patrick Mahomes leading the charge, possibly in the lead for the MVP award as well. Their defense is filled with talent while their offense has countless weapons to turn to if games go wrong. The same can be said about the New Orleans Saints, who might even get Drew Brees back from injury this week barring any setbacks. The battle between the best teams in each conference is bound to be a great one but I just don’t see any way the Chiefs lose this game. They are so well rounded and Mahomes is seemingly impossible to bring down this year.

Final Pick: Chiefs

Steelers vs. Bengals

This is one of those games that doesn’t need much explaining. Pittsburgh is among the best teams in the league and battling for the number one seed in the conference while the Bengals just lost their franchise quarterback and only positive for this struggling Bengal offense. The Steelers blew them out the last time these two teams met with Joe Burrow; without him it could get even uglier. Take the Steelers with a lot of confidence in this matchup.

Final Pick: Steelers