NFL Straight Up Picks – NFL Predictions Week 12 (2021)

Best NFL Straight Up Picks Week 12

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Texans vs. Lions

The Texans have continued their disappointing season so far this season, dropping consecutive games multiple times. Their offense has no main weapon outside of quarterback Deshaun Watson and their rushing attack took a huge hit when they lost David Johnson to a concussion that will sideline him for a few weeks. It also doesn’t help that their defense is among the worst in the league through all three levels. They get a Lions team that has struggled on both sides of the ball as well but are significantly better on the offensive end. Matthew Stafford should be getting Kenny Golladay back and that will help them put up a lot of points against a very bad Texans defense. This isn’t going to be the most entertaining matchup of the week, but the Lions should be able to score a lot in this game.

Final Pick: Lions

Ravens vs. Steelers

After winning the first matchup, the Steelers have continued their dominance across the league. Ben Roethlisberger has taken this team to a new level since his return to the team in the offseason, getting his receivers more involved in the passing game. They also happen to have the best defense in the NFL at the moment with big names such as Cameron Hayward and Minkah Fitzpatrick. Meanwhile, the Ravens have struggled a lot this season, they look nothing like the team we were able to see last season. This game is bound to be a tight knit division game, but the Steelers might take this one also and sweep the Ravens.

Final Pick: Steelers

Cardinals vs. Patriots

The Cardinals may have a future MVP quarterback on their team with Kyler Murray handling most of the offensive responsibilities. He has proven time and time again that he can be a force in this league now that he has a variety of weapons to throw the ball too including DeAndre Hopkins. Their defense may not be the best in the league, but it has been able to hold up enough for them to win ball games. They get a Patriots team that has struggled mightily to throw the football and put up a lot of points. They have also struggled to hold many pass heavy teams down this season, making for a huge game through the air for Murray and Hopkins. This game would be a lot different last season but this season the Cardinals are going to blow out this Patriots team.

Final Pick: Cardinals

Raiders vs. Falcons

The Raiders have shown that their offense can be very explosive at time throughout this season. Derek Carr has played outstanding football all season long outside of his fumbling issues that he is beginning to clean up. They also have one of the best running backs in the NFL with Josh Jacobs carrying the load of the offense. They face off against another explosive offense this week in Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. They will also be getting Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones healthy for this matchup to give Ryan a ton of options to throw to. This will be a very high scoring game that will come down to which team has the better defense. In my opinion the Raiders are far better defensively and will help hold down the Falcons long enough for the Raiders to seal a victory.

Final Pick: Raiders

Giants vs. Bengals

The Giants have finally been able to win a few games this season and are shockingly still in the postseason conversation despite their horrific record. Their offense has begun to improve in recent weeks now that they are starting to run the football more. Their defense is also a very solid unit despite their record and are able to slow down any offense in the NFL. They have a tough test against a Bengals offense that features one of the best rookie quarterbacks in the league in Joe Burrow. Burrow will make this game difficult for Giants defenders, beating them with his arm and his legs. This game will definitely be a game to watch this week despite their records. Burrow should be able to get the job done against a Giants team that has struggled offensively all year long.

Final Pick: Giants

Titans vs. Colts

The Titans haven’t played great football ever since they started the year off 5-0. Teams have seemingly caught onto their game plan of handing the football off to Derrick Henry 20 times per game. It also doesn’t help that their defense has struggled defending the pass all year long. They face a Colts team that was able to dominate them in their first matchup and looking to do so again to fully control first place in the division. This game is definitely going to be a highly intense matchup between two teams battling for a playoff spot. Look for Phillip Rivers and the Colts to get the best of Henry and the Titans yet again this season due to their dominant defense.

Final Pick: Colts

Saints vs. Broncos

A few weeks ago, this game would be labeled as a blowout win by the Saints, but now that future hall of famer Drew Brees is going to miss a few more weeks with a ribs injury this game gets a lot closer. We haven’t been able to see enough of Jameis Winston on the Saints yet to fully understand what we are going to get from him. However, Denver has had a lot of problems all season long and it doesn’t seem like their issues are solved just yet. Drew Lock just hasn’t played well lately, and their defense isn’t healthy enough to compete with the Saints offense even without Brees.

Final Pick: Saints

Bears vs. Packers
The Bears just haven’t played well whatsoever lately after such a strong start to the season. Their offense is absolutely pitiful with no high-powered weapons or creative play calling at all. It also doesn’t help that they don’t have any type of rushing attack. Their defense is great, but they aren’t miracle workers. They get a terrific Green Bay team that is fighting for the number one seed in the NFC and have looked phenomenal all year long. While it is a division game, the score will be close, but the Packers are just far too talented to lose this game to a bad Bears team.

Final Pick: Packers

Football Team vs. Cowboys

The Football Team has seemingly committed to Alex Smith as their quarterback for the remainder of the season. He has been unable to throw the ball deep so far this year as a ton of passes have ended up resulting in check downs. Their defense is actually among the best in the league this year but their offense being one of the worst doesn’t help out their case. Meanwhile, the Cowboys may be getting Andy Dalton back to an offense that badly need help ever since they lost Dak Prescott. Their defense is also among if not the worst defense in the league. This isn’t going to be a great game, but the Football Team should be able to win this game due to Dallas inability to function as a team ever since losing Prescott.

Final Pick: Football Team

Browns vs. Jaguars

The Browns are finally starting to click more and more every week due to Nick Chubb coming back from injury. Their two headed running back duo of Chubb and Kareem Hunt have caused a ton of problems for opposing defenses and they aren’t slowing down just yet. They face off against a Jaguars defense that has struggled to stop anybody all season long. They also have a decision to make at quarterback between Jake Luton and Gardner Minshew. Neither of these teams are very explosive on either side of the ball but Cleveland is a far more talented team than Jacksonville heading into this game.

Final Pick: Browns

Panthers vs. Vikings

The Panthers have been very surprising so far this season due to the emergence of Teddy Bridgewater and Robby Anderson to this offense. They should also be getting Christian McCaffrey back from his shoulder injury that kept him sidelined last week. On the other hand, the Vikings have started off the season terribly but have since turned things around by handing the keys of the offense over to Dalvin Cook. Each of these teams have struggled but talented defenses which should keep this game close and even throughout. However, the Panthers have proven a lot more than the Vikings so far this season, as I trust Bridgewater far more than I do Kirk Cousins in a big-time game.

Final Pick: Panthers

Dolphins vs. Jets

There shouldn’t be much to say on this game. Miami has played outstanding recently even through their big quarterback change. They are talented and well coached on both sides of the football. They take on the winless New York Jets that have arguably the worst roster in football history. This game won’t be close at all as the Dolphins will pummel New York this week.

Final Pick: Dolphins

Chargers vs. Bills

The Chargers continue to lose in heartbreaking fashion week after week, consistently losing games by one score. However, there isn’t all negatives as their rookie quarterback Justin Herbert has played amazing all season long and should be their long-term answer at the position. They face off against an MVP candidate this season in Josh Allen and the very impressive Buffalo Bills this week. Neither of these teams have had great success on the defensive side of the football but Buffalo has been far better in closing out games than the Chargers this year. Buffalo should be able to squeak away with a victory in a close game.

Final Pick: Bills

49ers vs. Rams

The 49ers are still completely banged up with injuries on both sides of the ball, seemingly losing a new starter every single week. They have struggled a lot on offense without Garoppolo, Mostert and Kittle and will now take on a tough division opponent without them. It also doesn’t help that they are missing Richard Sherman and Nick Bosa on the defensive side either. Meanwhile, the Rams were able to manhandle the Seattle Seahawks earlier in the season and have proven that they are playoff contenders this year. This game will be close as it is a divisional contest, but the Rams will be able to fully take control of this game early on, leading to a big win for them.

Final Pick: Rams

Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

This game has the potential to be the game of the year. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have been seemingly unbeatable this season and have now added former all-pro Le’Veon Bell to the mix of weapons they have. They also have a very talented defense that is able to take the game into their own hands at any given week. Similarly, to the Buccaneers top ranked defense that has been getting exposed a little bit as of late but still poses a huge threat. It also helps that they have a multitude of offensive weapons for Tom Brady to throw the ball to in order to make this a very high scoring chess match between two Super Bowl contenders. However, I think the Chiefs will prove to be too spectacular yet again, winning this game against Brady and the Buccaneers.

Final Pick: Chiefs

Seahawks vs. Eagles

The Seahawks badly need a win to get themselves back on track after a rough couple of weeks. Russell Wilson remains in MVP talks but has dropped a decent amount in recent weeks due to poor play and the team losing. However, their defense is the worst in the league by far and it doesn’t help that Wilson needs to lead the offense to 30 plus points a game in order to compete for a win. They get an Eagles team that has had virtually no offensive success this season, with injuries all across their offensive line and receivers. Not to mention that their secondary is not very good on the defensive side of the ball. Seattle should get their huge statement win to put themselves back in good position for the postseason.

Final Pick: Seahawks

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