NFL Straight Up Picks – NFL Predictions Week 1 (2021)

Best NFL Straight Up Picks Week1

All right, get ready for NFL Predictions Week 1 2021, We’re back to the 2021 season.

While we don’t have a definite answer as to when the season will start due to COVID-19. We are all excited for the season, so we dove into all the enticing match ups for week 1 and gave our expert picks for each game. Our picks are based off logic and reasoning to make sure we give you guys the best and most accurate picks that we can. We are all just as excited as you so lets dive right into it!

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Cowboys vs. Buccaneers

The reigning Super Bowl champions will face off against a revamped Dallas Cowboys team on opening night. The Cowboys should be getting their star quarterback Dak Prescott back from his injury along with a few major improvements on the defensive side of the football. However, it may not be enough to take down the Tampa Bay team that was able to retain every single free agent on their roster to run it back with the same team for a second year. The Buccaneers are filled with young talent on the defensive end and have all the veteran experience you need with Tom Brady offensively. Tampa should be able to open up their season with an easy victory.

Final Pick: Buccaneers

Jaguars vs. Texans

This is without a doubt going to be one of the most anticipating games of the week, and not even because of these two teams. The Jacksonville Jaguars selected Trevor Lawrence with the first overall pick, and everybody is heavily excited to see how this man will perform at an NFL level. Jacksonville was able to create a one-two punch at running back and get Lawrence some new weapons to play around with this year as well. As for the Houston Texans, well, this was a disaster of a year. Not only did they have an awful season last year, but they didn’t have a first-round pick, JJ Watt left in the offseason and Deshaun Watson plans to sit out unless he is traded. But don’t worry, Houston picked up a multitude of veteran running backs to fill those holes. Jacksonville should be able to cruise past their division rivals here.
Final Pick: Jaguars

Steelers vs. Bills

This game will most likely look a lot similar to the matchup we saw between these teams last season. Pittsburgh somehow retained both Ben Roethlisberger and Juju Smith-Schuster during the offseason while simultaneously grabbing Najee Harris in the draft. They should also be getting Devin Bush back from his injury that caused him to miss all of last season. However, Buffalo is no easy win even though their offseason was pretty dull. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs were one of the best duos in football last year and were just one game away from the Super Bowl. You can definitely expect a lower scoring defensive type of game early on, though if each team gets a roll quickly it could end up being a shootout. I would roll with the Bills in this matchup due to the uncertainty around Pittsburgh heading into this year.
Final Pick:Bills

Jets vs. Panthers

Here are two teams that dramatically improved over the offseason. The Jets will be showcasing their brand-new quarterback in Zach Wilson and were able to select a few offensive linemen in the draft to back him up. Wilson should be able to give this stagnant Jets offense some type of life early on, especially against a young Carolina secondary. Though offense should be the least of the Jets worries, as the Panthers were able to snag Sam Darnold away from the Jets to pair him with a great offensive coordinator in Joe Brady. Darnold now has tons of weapons and a solid offensive line, not to mention the fact that he has Christian McCaffrey behind him as well. Carolina could have a tremendous offensive day here and set the tone for the rest of the season.
Final Pick: Panthers

Cardinals vs. Titans

I would bet that this game generates the largest number of viewers in Week 1. The Cardinals picked up JJ Watt after he demanded to be released from the Texans and picked up Zaven Collins in the draft to solidify their average defense. They also grabbed an explosive wide receiver in Rondale Moore to pair with Deandre Hopkins and AJ Green. The Tennessee Titans decided that they wanted to match the Cardinals brand new additions during the offseason. They somehow found a way to trade for the Falcons superstar wide receiver Julio Jones. Their offense now has Ryan Tannehill, AJ Brown, Julio Jones and Derrick Henry. Both of these offenses are completely revamped and should cause for a ridiculously high scoring affair. I would roll with the Titans in this matchup because they have the best chance at controlling the clock with the run game, which will be useful in a shootout.
Final Pick: Titans

Chargers vs. Washington

The Chargers were able to pick up a new head coach who should be able to get the most out of this ridiculously young team. Justin Herbert put the league on notice last year and is returning with Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Austin Ekeler and a ton of new offensive linemen. This game will also be the return of young superstar Derwin James, injuries have plagued his career, but he is phenomenal when on the field. They are facing off against a team with similar young talent in Washington. They proved last year that their defense was one of the best in the league, with playmakers at literally every single position on that end of the ball. The only issue for them was a consistent quarterback and offensive line and they grabbed Ryan Fitzpatrick to give them that boost they need. This is going to be a really tight game all the way through, but I can’t pick against the Chargers here given Herbert’s talent.
Final Pick: Colts

Vikings vs. Bengals

Well, the Vikings have a pretty average offense after doing little in the offseason. Their defense is also nothing to write home about even though they grabbed the aging, Patrick Peterson. If their offensive line is able to hold up, they should be fine considering they have Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. However, their poor defense may cost them this ball game. The Bengals are getting Joe Burrow back from his ACL tear during last season and the team was able to gift him his favorite target at LSU in Jamarr Chase. Cincinnati should make this game very fun, but the Vikings are the overall more experienced and better team here.
Final Pick: Vikings

Seahawks vs. Colts

Expect a very low scoring game in this one. The Seahawks may have a fantastic offense with Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, but the Colts have arguably the bets defense in the league. Darius Leonard is going to constantly make life difficult in both the pass and run game and given how bad the Seahawks offensive line was last year, the Colts from seven should be able to consistently get pressure on Russ. Flipping over to the other side, the Colts have a strong offense but there are major concerns over Carson Wentz and his ability to lead a team after a disastrous last season. Seattle doesn’t have the greatest defense in the world, but they still have Bobby Wagner along with some other young talent to at least make things difficult. As much as the Seahawks seem like the safer pick because they have Wilson, I am going to have to roll with the Colts here due to their defense.
Final Pick: Cardinals

Eagles vs. Falcons

TheEagles were a train wreck last season, and it doesn’t seem like that will change this year. Jalen Hurts is taking over the starting job and should be decent when paired with Devonta Smith and Miles Sanders, but other than that their offense doesn’t have much upside. Their offensive line was terrible, and their secondary couldn’t stop a fly. The Falcons have the perfect counter with Matt Ryan, Calvin Ridley and newly drafted Kyle Pitts to take the top off this Eagles secondary. However, Atlanta doesn’t have a good defense either and could be torn apart with Hurts can get himself comfortable on the first few drives. I am going to have to pick the Falcons in this game due to their experience and the fact they have home field advantage.
Final Pick: Falcons

49ers vs. Lions

Finally, we will be able to see the 49ers fully healthy after their entire team was decimated by injuries all season long. The biggest change will be at the quarterback position, as Jimmy Garoppolo has a chance to be sat down this game in favor of Trey Lance. Either way, their offense may not be in prime form which will rest a lot of pressure on their defense. The Lions aren’t in a position to really contend right now and may just fall behind too quickly to stage a comeback. Jared Goff is a serious downgrade from Mathew Stafford even though he is younger and outside of Deandre Swift, there isn’t much talent to be had there. San Francisco should be able to cruise to an opening victory barring any major injuries during this ball game.
Final Pick: 49ers

Browns vs. Chiefs

We get a postseason rematch in Week 1 between the Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs. Baker Mayfield will hit the field with his dynamic duo at running back and a healthy Odell Beckham to pair with Jarvis Landry. Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes will kick off what is likely to be a revenge season alongside Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. Both teams also boast surprisingly decent defenses that could be taking another leap forward if their young players progress. Last years matchup was a great game all the way through and this one will be no different. It is just too hard to bet against Mahomes and the Chiefs in this one though.
Final Pick: Chiefs

Dolphins vs. Patriots

Each of these teams made dramatic strides in the offseason for the better. Miami was able to nab Jaylen Waddle in the draft alongside a few other free agent pickups to benefit TuaTagovailoa and help him perform to his standards. While the Patriots picked up Mac Jones to compete with Cam Newton for the starting quarterback spot. The biggest change was the Patriots defense though, as a number of very key pieces to this unit will be returning after opting to sit out last year because of COVID concerns. These teams know each other very well, but Miami almost always gets the best of New England at least once every year.
Final Pick: Dolphins

Broncos vs. Giants

The Broncos are still holding out hopes of grabbing Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen. Instead, they have Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock competing for the starting job in what should be an improved offense all around. Denver should also get a lot of key pieces back defensively to help out their All-Pro safety Justin Simmons. New York prided itself defensively last year and they were really hitting their stride towards the end of the season. If they are able to get an improved Daniel Jones at quarterback alongside a healthy Saquon Barkley, this team will be dangerous. I would roll with the Giants here to kick their season off on the right foot.
Final Pick: Giants

Packers vs. Saints

The high scoring affair we got to see between these two teams will likely be far different this year. The Saints will be without Drew Brees for the first time in what feels like a century, and Jameis Winston is expected to take over the quarterback duties. Meanwhile, Rodgers is unhappy in Green Bay and wants to be traded, which could end up throwing Jordan Love into the fold as well. Each of these teams defenses are average at best but it is their offenses that keep them alive. Who knows what this game will have in store for us with the quarterback uncertainty nowadays. The Packers seem like the safer choice here though given how Rodgers may not be traded after all.

Final Pick: Packers

Bears vs. Rams

The anticipated rematch between Darnell Mooney and Jalen Ramsey starts in Week 1. Chicago grabbed both Andy Dalton and Justin Fields to solidify their biggest weakness, the quarterback position. It should allow their offense to finally be formidable and relieve some pressure form their ridiculously talented secondary. The Rams upgraded their quarterback position by grabbing Mathew Stafford in a Jared Goff trade with the Lions. Stafford could prove to be deadly with a great offensive line and weapons in Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods. Chicago may be better, but chances are Dalton will start in this game, which should make the Rams the favorites.
Final Pick: Rams

Ravens vs. Raiders

Baltimore should be their usually explosive self once again after another disappointing playoff loss last year. Lamar Jackson should show some improvement passing the football with their new pickup Rashod Bateman from the draft, which could make their offense wildly difficult to slow down. Their defense also stayed pretty even after losing and signing a few pretty decent players overall. They match up well against this years Raiders team that is just a mess. They have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball, but it just doesn’t seem like they filled enough gaps in the offseason to make themselves contenders. They should be able to compete with Baltimore, but their defense is just nowhere near where it should be. Baltimore should take this game pretty easily unless the Raiders come out with a completely different defensive game plan than last year.
Final Pick: Ravens