NFL Straight Up Picks – NFL Predictions Week 1 (2019)

Best NFL Straight Up Picks

All right, get ready for week 1 NFL predictions 2019.

We’re back to the 2019 season.

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We’re gonna try to do a video every week We’ll see how it goes.

Here we go week one coming up check out the track Let’s get started right away with these NFL week 1 predictions marble race, we’ve got the Rams vs.

The Panthers the Rams are in the white that happens in the black the rams take off to a huge start right down the first loop the Pandas are just taking their time dwell on the left side the Rams up a nice lead But the Panthers caught up there in the second loopy and Panthers had caught up and they’re gonna go down first Panthers from the left side going down to the step around the zigzag down into the third loop you all right I don’t know what the Rams are doing.

They’re just taking their time The Panthers have really prepared for this off season and they are just dominating the Rams right now Looks like the Panthers are getting ready to go down to the final Hoop.

There’s a jump on the left.

That’s a short cut They’re gonna take it They take the jungle right in and they win the Panthers have upset the Rams in the first week of the NFL season Rams just gonna take their time now on the right side They don’t want to get any injuries so I don’t I don’t blame them there But the Panthers have a fantastic start the NFL season.

Alright next up we’ve got the Packers on the left and the white and the Bears in the black we go the Packers take a great lead to Ban, the Bears foul right behind a big neck to neck down.

The chute is the second loop, dude This is the fantastic start to the NFL week 1 season Looks like the Bears know the Packers got the problem Packers go down there to take the left side They’re going through the zigzag into the final shoot The Bears have slowed down a little bit for the second half of the race The Bears finally make it on a little right side here and they’re joining the Packers down at the second loop Remember, there’s a shortcut on the left that takes the jump It’s really risky jump there on the left or you can take the Safeway angle on the right.

Listen to the Packers do they take the job they make it they’re going down and the Packers are gonna win the week 1 season against the Bears the Bears are taking their time down to the ladder around the loop into the chute And it looks like the Packers are gonna start off 1 and O for the season.


That was a great one Hey, look at this We’ve got the Redskins versus the Eagles the Redskins are the wife the Eagles in the black residence had a huge lead I don’t know what people’s we’re doing believe that the Eagles cut in fire.

Boom Brain start I wanna with a great early comeback by the Eagles there.

The Redskins are finally catching up now Let’s see if they can get their balls Together and catch up with the Eagles It looks like they even call the red guys the Redskins bracket from there go down the left step into the zigzag turn to drop Into the third loopy first the Eagles right behind on the same side.

I’m not sure what that strategy was about Here we go looks like this is Untasted week one race the Redskins who looks like they’re gonna drop down personally gonna take the right side or the left side They’re gonna go and left that into the jump and here we go It looks like a Redskins or they have a fantastic comeback the Eagles just blew the lead there I’m not sure what they were doing.

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We’ll have week two coming up soon Alright, we’ve got the Bills vs.

The Jets the bills in the white possessing the black Oh, wow, they jump right through that first movie so fast, they’re neck-and-neck coming into the second loop Dee We’re gonna see which team is prepared more in the off-season.

They’re spinning back and forth here Just like the Builder D.

When I first yeah, the Bills take a left side that left hip hop So Ramesh, you’re either looking at the what happened to the bills screw-up it.

Yes, the bills dropped off the track They have dropped out.

It looks like the Jets can just take their time.

What a disaster start for the bills It was such a good race up in the first half.

It was like at halftime.

They just came out and fell apart Literally if you’re a bills made use can be mortified by the way that that second half came out Wow, that’s horrible Alright, let’s just move on here So now we got the Falcons to the white the bike into the flag of Falcons take a huge lead here Look at that the Vikings you jumped right past them They’ve got a slight lead now after that horrible start here, but look at that they came back And they are sigh both teams are side-by-side down to the second loop B.

Looks like the bike is eternal numbers You have to mike is gonna take that left side while the screen now we change this angle for the right side now the Vikings Going in the Falcons dropping in they’re both into Luffy.

This is a pretty close race.

Wow What a close race here looks at the Vikings have a slight lead Muir.

Yeah, it looks like the Vikings gonna go down first I found to the right behind him though The Vikings take the left side, which is a little bit slower and richer why they did that with the Falcons on Yes, the bike is take the jump to catch up there right behind him LA.

I’ll let my keys Hold them off Wow.

Check out the replay here is the 5ds.

They go on the left side, which is slower I’m not sure what the coaching call was for on that But you got the Falcons gonna know and they’re gonna have a chance on the right to catch up They take the jump that landed it lay it right on the railing, but they come in slightly behind the Vikings Wow Well, great job of the Vikings for holding them off.

All right.

Well next up on this NFL week one prediction season We’ve got the Dolphins in the white against the Ravens in the black Here we go.

Dolphins off to a great start on the left side.

The ribs are right behind him though They’re catching up here into this first loopy.

I tell you what, I’m still excited from that that last right Hey looks like the Ravens are taking a nice lead here The Dolphins are still up on that loopy and the Ravens are all the way down to the second would be the dogs are taking The same track you must have seen a faster side on that left side on the right side there but the Ravens are still in A nice position to win this so here they go down into they’re gonna take the short cut Is this gonna come back to bite them? Is it the Dolphins? No, the dogs are still taking their time up at the top if the Ravens are already done.

The Dolphins did take the job They made up some time.

But but that was it The Dolphins have came in second and the Ravens win their first game of the season great job Alright, let’s move on to the next one here We got the Chiefs in the black and the Jaguars and the white choose from the lead But wow that Jaguars had a horribly slow start and the chief take off to a great start here They’re in the black but looks like the Jaguars are catching up You can make a lot of time here in the second history But look like the Chiefs just stay they stay aggressive and they go through the zigzag down to the second loopy it looks to me like a Shih tzu this one in more than Jaguars are the Jaguars just taking their time out looks like the Chiefs as long as they don’t Make any errors.

They just move dominate this here.

So the Chiefs are gonna drop down.

They’re gonna take a left side It looks like the Chiefs offenses just as much on fire as it was in the 2008 season It looks like I’d say what the defense has made huge adjustments as well.

So man the Chiefs just blew away The Jaguar is a great start to the season for them All right.

Hey, we got the Titans in the white browns in the black Titans are off to a great start and they take off on the left side.


They got slight edge there on the Browns So the Titan is so far.

They’re there that first half of this track here They are just putting a whooping up on the Browns.

The Titans are going on the right side here They’re gonna to take their time into the third looky here They’re at the bottom of the track or the brows are still coming up.

They’re following right behind up through the zigzag They might be able to make a little time looks like they’ve got a little more aggressive Maybe the coach did a halftime speech that got to motivate it.

Let’s see The tanks are taking the left side.

I’m not sure what that call was Looks like the brows that they take the right they could catch them.

No No, that’s they just took too long up in the luffy the brow.

They just blew their first game of the season.

Wow Great job to the titans.

Alright, we’ve got the Colts in the charger.


They’re just starting off aggressive and going.

Here we go We’ve got the Colts in the white the Chargers in the black looks like they’re neck-and-neck coming down to the first loop D Boy, these teams are coming out super aggressive for the route week 1 seed it Looks like the UH the Chargers have a slight lead here as they go on the right side I tell you what I think it was an advantage of going this late onto the track because they’ve been able to watch the tape from the other teams Here, but they are neck-and-neck Looks like the Chargers are just boxing out that what defensive move.

That is fantastic Defense there by the Chargers as they go but they’re gonna go on the left side.

Is that gonna be too slow? Let’s see if the Colts can catch up on the right they are coming in for they go to the job They’re just not gonna have enough time, but that was a great showdown for this week one NFL season All right, the bangles in the Seahawks We got the Seahawks in the white the Bengals in the black there.

Get ready to start.

Here we go It looks like nice while the Bengals have a great start here I have a slightly but the Seahawks are right behind him here This is gonna be another great showdown here as they both enter into the first loopy neck-and-neck Looks like the bangles might be boxing them out just a little bit Yeah, the Bengals are gonna go they’re gonna on the right side The two darts are still up for the top as the Bengals enter into this bottom looky here what cloud heaven we have the Seahawks Just making a huge mental error and they get held up dropping down oh my gosh are the bagels just can take their time and that is just a Colossal mistake there by the Seahawks and this wiki week want NFL season.

The Bengals are just gonna take their time They’re gonna take the left side all the way down Why risk any injuries, but Wow the Seahawks just have some work to do to straighten out this season Right now we’ve got the 49ers in the light the bus in the flag Looks like the 49ers have a slight lead against the Buccaneers They’re going into the first loop deep first while we’ve had some fantastic Racing if you’d like this go ahead and subscribe and share looks like a bucks gonna take them They passed the 49ers up in that top looky here They enter into this Bank of loopy the 49ers bottle right behind there must be something with that right side because I’ve seen multiple teams Do that today? Looks like the 49ers have taken the lead here They’re gonna go down the loop Bieber’s here and they go through and they get hung up They got put up just like the Seahawks did but they decided to take the right side They fought their way through it unlike the Seahawk The Bucks are coming on the left side because they knew the 49ers was through super aggressive in that fourth quarter and the 49ers Fought through some adversity their fans test take a replay here as the 49ers come down Just like the Seahawks they get held up, but they got through it They fucked or just like the bush pushed back in the 90s with Notre Dame and USC.

Look at this what how the 49ers? Had us adversity and they just over came in Wow All right, we got that giant from the right and the Cowboys in the black.

The Giants are held up The Giants get stuck Wow, what is going on? You think they would be prepared for this week? One season the Cowboys just have to take the left side.

They take the right They take the right side the Cowboys All they had to do is take the left in they had it Wow But look at this here the Cowboys have game back and they’re in the lead.

Now Wow were the Cowboys just messing with them? I think the Cowboys might have been messing with the Giants.

They’re just playing with him because they passed him so easily For the Cobblers or they were just gonna go down to the second.

Look at him a huge lead here.

They’re gonna jump day They were super aggressive.

They just play with the giant jump talk to the bracket.

Just dominating them Well how they push them at the top just to mess with them the Giants take the left side and they’re gonna take their time but the Giants got some work to do if I’m telling you let’s Take a mystery play out here.

You’ve got a Cowboys on the left hands on the right They both make times put a little bit faster than that jump and then they got held up I mean, they’re all the Cowboys had to do was go on the left side, but I take the coaching staff said hey Let’s just make this another practice game and go ahead and push them So we have a team to practice again so we can get ready for week to watch this.

They come on the right side and Bam, they just push them through they’re right on there.

But here as they I mean they just catch them They’re looking pushing them around the loop be there.


That was fun.

We got the Lions and the Cardinals here The Lions are white in the car to the black way These teams just are not messing around at the top and just go down on that first loop.

He’s so fast out here They’re on the bottom of the track already I tell you what, I think this was just gonna come down to which once it born which team is prepared more than the oxygen SEC the Cardinals are looking their way on that they got a slight leader on the right side They made it down to the final group to the Lions.

We’re just taking their time They’re coming here on the top left All the Cardinals really need to do is just box the Lions out here And if the Cardinals can hold off, they’ll have an easy here win here on the line The card was gonna take the set safe side on the left here and they should wait looks like they have enough lead the Lions Are gonna try it here they’re gonna go for the jump, but it’s not enough So there you put the Cardinals have one week one They’ve upset or are not upset but they’ve just beat the Alliance there and the week one season now We’ve got the Steelers and the patrons.

This one should be a good one The Patriots are in the white the Steelers are in the black.

Let’s see.

What do they do? They both they started early.

We are gonna have we’re gonna have a restart there They just both jumped in so quick we had to restart the race now again We’ve got the Patriots off to a great start now on the left.

The Steelers is about Antoniou Brown.

Have a super slow start They were just taking their time there I don’t know what the offense can you get on track there now without having a a be there but look like the Patriots We’re just gonna make this smooth sailing now So the skills here are finally there.

We’re going to that right side.

Awesome just like we’ve seen other teams do in the past No, but now they’re both down to the bottom.


Looks like the Patriots are playing a little bit of deepens Now the Steelers are trying to come back or they’re buff and look over there and each other The Steelers are caught out there right behind them the Patriots go on the left side here They’re taking their track to the pitch.

Can the Steelers catch up? They take the job? No the Patriots have just enough But what a comeback on that second half by the Steelers that made great halftime adjustment Okay, because we’ve got the Texan to the bytes and the seats in the black here.

They’re off They’re pretty close as they come down into the first loop beat looks like the Texans are slightly ahead of the Saints there Remember the Texans are the white Saints are in the black.

They’re going round and round.

Look at this as a fantastic race Well, you look at this fantastic shot by the overhead.

Blip here Wow.

Let’s look at that stage The Saints have fallen off the track the Saints fell off don’t you think they were to learn from earlier videos? Oh my gosh, they they just blew it again in the same spot as earlier It looks like the Texas does have a cakewalk the rest of the time as long as they don’t get stuck or get held up Somewhere or missed the jump but they’re gonna take it down here They’re gonna go all they’re gonna take the easy side and they’re gonna win here So the Texans have won what wow that was just horrible start the season by the Saints Right, these two teams have already started.

We’ve got the Browns and the white the Raiders in the black They are pretty evenly matched here in the top loop D.

I think The Browns have a little bit of me They’re gonna take it on the left side the boys with the essence into the second loop D here We’ve got a waiters in the black trying to catch up now.

They join them there in the bottom loop deep.

So, let’s see What’s gonna happen here? but I think the Browns are blocking them out here and I think the Browns have a little more deepest but the Raiders were really Right behind them the Browns go on the left side.

They take the jump they’re going for the win and man That was an aggressive call of the ladies gonna pay off as the browser’s won So the Browns are gonna beat the Raiders here to start off to a great NFL season.