2019 NFL Mock Draft Predictions

Welcome to the 2019 NFL mock draft predictions, these will predict the top 10 picks of this year’s draft first off We’ve got Kyle Murray Nick Bosa Josh Alan Quinn and Williams ed Oliver Rochon Gary J Wayne Taylor drew Locke Devon white and Dwayne Hoskins those 10.

We’re gonna be competing for the top 10 spots.

They’re the Cardinals the 49ers the Jets Raiders Bucs Giants Jaguars Lions bills and Broncos There’s gonna be a limitation tournament.

The top brackets will get a buy all the way to the finals.

Here’s the track We got the gauntlet at the top going down into two Loopy dudes over to the cross over to another loop to do around the spinner there into the jump into the basket there We’ll see who can make it.

You have a split there You can go down the side to a loop B on the left or you can take the shortcut to the right which will both Lead to the finish.

Let’s see who’s the smarter players and takes the shortcut first off We’re gonna have Devon white and Dwayne Haskett So these two will be competing to either get drafted in the 10th spot or move on ahead so we’ve got Devon white and the white and Dwayne Hoskins and the blue here we go through the gauntlet into the first loop d Devon white just takes off right into the second loop He will while Hoskins is just taking his time on the top.

Looks like Devon White has a clear lead here Let’s see if he can make us with a loop D first here.

It goes White’s gonna drop down He’s gonna go around the corner into the long red tube there into the second loop P Hoskins is still at the top taking his time.

I’m not sure what he’s doing up there clearly Devon White has a huge advantage on this he’s gonna drop down from the second loop He already he does not want to go into testified.

He was the movie.

He’s into the jump into the basket.

Look at that he makes him the best above he he must feel very Comfortable because he takes the ride on the right and I think that’s a huge mistake here.


Look at that We’ve got Hoskins go to the left side.

He passes him up but a fantastic Adjustment by Hoskins to go into the left side pass his white who had to lead the whole time So now white Devon white is gonna go to the number 10 spot to the Broncos and Dwayne Hoskins has a chance to move up Alright, hey, we’re gonna move on to the next one’s here.

We’ve got drew lock quarterback drew lock and Juwan Taylor hopefully these players are watching films and preparing for these because you can Clearly see that the left side if you choose that is much quicker.

All right, they’re both getting set up here on the top We’ve got locking the yellow and Taylor get the yellow with the brown shrimp.

Oh boy.

This could be hard to call here Let’s see who drops in first.

They both look the same to me I don’t know who picked these colors here, but that was clearly a mistake.

It’s gonna make it tough on the announcer Let’s see if we can swatch and see who goes in here first Believe that slot getting ready to drop down and go into the second loopy He’s around the corner down the chute into the third loop to here.

Looks like Taylor still at the top there.

He’s taking his time So Taylor’s now gonna join lock here lock is there that is locked that’s clearly locked getting ready to drop down here He’s gonna go into the jump here here.

He goes around the curb into the jump in his basket He may pick he’s gonna go on the right side.

Is this another mistake? This is another mistake where Taylor can go on the left side.

He’s into the jump into the basket He makes it clearly he is going on the left.

Good job by Taylor and lock blue that again.

That’s amazing How can you just watch another player do that? And then look at that Taylor wins lock is out.

I don’t understand that so now you’ve got drew lock is the number nine pick into the bills and that gives JaJuan Taylor a chance to move way up in this draft great job by him All right.

So hey, we got you rush.

I’m Gary in the clear and Oliver in the yellow This has been our two races already.

It’s really exciting here.

Here we go through the gauntlet Look at that Albert drops in right away.

He’s into the second loopy, but Gary’s right behind him Wow.

This is me Hey, if you’ve enjoyed this so far go ahead and subscribe if that subscribe button We’ve got a lot of other NFL videos you can watch the last season Way, this is a super close one here.

Looks like Oliver is have a slight lead, but Gary is right behind him here Yeah, Oliver is dropping into that bottom loop through there.

He’s got a little bit of advantage, but Gary is right behind him Let’s see, which players learned here on the left on the right side because cleared that left side is better Oliver is in the lead there Gary’s to slow down a little bit Oliver’s gonna hit into the job He goes to the top into the basket.

He’s got it.

He’s taking the left He’s marked on those last two players walking on Oliver Kick Gary’s butt on that one and Oliver’s gonna move way up into the draft Gary’s just gonna take his time now Why risk an injury, you do not want to have an entry here And then risk your NFL career, that’d be silly so I don’t blame him He knew he losing so, uh Gary’s gonna take the right sign and he’s gonna move into the number.

I believe it to the number 8 spot yeah, he’s gonna go to the Lions.

So you got Rochon drew and Devin they’re in the bottom three Great job by Ed Oliver All right.

Hey, check this one out We’ve got Quinn and Williams and the why and Josh Allen’s the darker color with a nil and quina drops in first But man, look at that Allen jumped right past him.

What an aggressive move by Allen.

Whoa That move in the top of the Gauntlet there gave Allen a huge lead here went in the muck might be making it up though.

He is right on his butt He wants this he wants to move up in the draft make millions bar.

Here we go Allen’s dropping in he’s gonna go into the bottom loopy.

Let’s see if clinic can catch up here Allen’s spinning around there.

He’s taking his time a little bit Quinn is dropping down.


Here we go.

He’s gonna join him He’s gonna make an aggressive move because it looks like Allen’s made a nice adjustment and he’s gonna go into the chute here He’s going into the jump into the basket He makes it we’ve seen teams drop out of that sucker and he goes on the right side I bet you this is a huge mistake here by Allen.

I bet you quit.

He’s gonna take the left He’s into the jump into the basket.


That’s a clear move.

Allen must just made that huge mistake there.

And for some reason I Just understand that but when it’s gonna move on so Allen there’s gonna go to the Jaguars He hit the number 7 pick not bad though.

I take the top seven.

That’s for darn.

Sure Quentin is going to move way up in this draft here.

What how oh, here we go We got some of the top two picks this round here.

The winner of this will go all the way to the finals So we’ve got Kyler Murray and Nick Bosa.

This is gonna be a fabulous one Nick Moses in the dark blue Kyler Murray’s in the green.

So they’re at the gone light.

Here we go Looks like yeah, both sides took off and hugely Murray’s right behind him though, but bolsa drops in Maria’s Right and Murray is pushing him.

He’s been super aggressive looking for no big bus and went past him.

Wow This is a great start.

I don’t know who’s in the lead They both wanted they both want one of these the shot at the top two picks Wow.

Look at this.

Okay, we got to Drop it down first down into the second loop be there bosun’s got a little bit of eat now on Kyle Marie Kyle Murray’s coming down finally.

I don’t know if he’s out of breath or what’s going on here But bolsa is it looks like he’s a little bit more He is prepared for this a little bit more than Murray.

It looks like Wilson’s going into the job He makes it in the basket.

He goes on the lefties now See, he’s got jacking around like some of the other people have done both wins Both of just blue Kyle Murray away Wow.

Kyle Murray now is into the bottom loop day And again, he’s taking the smart move.

You don’t want to hurt yourself before the NFL season even starts So he he knows he’s lost He knows BOCES just kind of uh, whomped him there and boy who uses the word wop anymore, but I don’t know Hey Look at that Bose the winds and Bose is gonna be in the top two spot and that dropped Kyle Murray down to the sixth Spot to the Giants, which that’s actually not a bad grab for him.

Good job for the Giants So that wraps up the first round here this 2019 NFL mock draft prediction We’re gonna go into the second round again Nick mosa is going to go all the way to the finals Quintin Williams and Ed Oliver will go against each other We got j:1 Taylor and Dwayne Hoskins.

They’re gonna be up next so remember if you watch it this far you might as well go ahead and subscribe because you’ll like some of these other NFL Hey, we’ve changed the track here.

I forgot about that.

We’ve changed the track The left side has a super aggressive jump You have to clear the red little thing and glam right on there If you don’t land right on there, you pop off and you’ll be out I seen a couple couple players do that in practice and they popped off So, let’s see who’s super aggressive and what’s it? Look at this Taylor’s going on the way on the left side here.

Taylor’s in the yellow He must have seen something while watching the video here to go on the left side Looks like he’s gonna be super aggressive there.

Let me go get hit worked for he shot right side The left side didn’t even hit any of the obstacles Wow, what fantastic? Preparation there for a Taylor good job.

That’s what you need to do beautiful up in his NFL Draft You have to watch the tape.

You have to study you have to prepare more than the other player and he did that Let’s see if it pays off.


He’s in the head.

He’s gonna go into the bottom.

Loopy clearly in the lead now Hoskins is gonna be super aggressive.

He’s gonna do something to catch up with Taylor he still if they’re spinning here He comes he’s gonna join him now, but Taylor’s getting ready to drop into the jump already Let’s see Taylor needs to make sure he makes no errors.

He goes in to jump makes the basket He’s got it and he takes the right side.

What is he thinking? He did awesome preparation on the top side boy Hoskins probably will take the left side But he I don’t know why he wouldn’t here.

He goes left head.

He clears it I forgot about the job being adjusted, but he did it.

He cleared over it and Taylor blew it right at the end and Hoskins won.

He made the jump.

Let’s watch the replay He comes over here makes the basket goes on the left side takes the job right over the red little thing and makes it Wow Taylor made the bottom air and that was crucial and he’s gonna just go into that what I think maybe the sixth spot no No, I’m sorry the fifth spot.

Juwan is gonna go to the box so still not bad Wayne Hoskins is really moving up into the draft now Wow.

Alright, we’re gonna have ed Oliver against Quinn and Williams Wow, this is gonna be a good one.

And Oliver is in the yellow Quentin is in the white Neither one will watch the video apparently and getting go on that left side early Like like I think it was tailored it earlier, but here we go And Oliver is in first Quentin Wow, quitting jumps right past him He didn’t even screw around that stop Mookie how these two are neck-and-neck now.

What a great start is this race Looks like winds gonna drop down first.

He’s just kind of blocking out Oliver there Yep, when he’s gonna drop down he goes around the side air into the long shoot into the bottom Loopy here Oliver needs to catch him up catch up.

What is he doing here? He comes he’s finally coming down here and Quinn’s got a nice lead Oliver is still way on the outside while like linens getting ready to drop into the jump Let’s see how he does into the basket.

He makes it he goes on the left side.

He’s smart He’s a good one Wow when it went on the left side And he just just was super aggressive didn’t screw around now And as you would expect you see Oliver go on the right side take his time.

So he doesn’t get injured here I mean as he prepares for the NFL season because he’s still gonna drop I think move up to that number 4 spot Which is Oliver O’Quinn admit he is way up in the draft picks now.

Look at that You’ve got the Raiders taking Edie Alvar Dwayne Hoskins still in it.

Quinton Williams is in it They’re gonna fight for that number 1 or 2 draft pick, excuse me Boy, I get so excited doing these prediction man.

Hey, if you like this remember go watch out the other the other NFL Videos from last season remember Nick bolsa.

He goes all the way to the finals He’s definitely gonna be the 1 or 2 pick and Dwayne Hoskins and Quinton They’re gonna fight now so this is for moving on to a chance for the first or second But you’ll at least get the third draft pick here and look at this I want to make sure everybody knows and I’m not Riggin or the the track setter uppers are not rigging that they set that So that they have a choice except right in the middle there and they can do the split at the bottom So don’t think that it’s his rig at all because to be honest with you I’m a Notre Dame fan and none of my players are in this at all and probably won’t be so here we go They’re getting ready to set up.

We’ve got Quinn and Williams and the white Dwayne Hoskins in the blue Let’s see how they do.

They’re getting ready for the gauntlet.

Remember? This is for the championship This is going to go for a chance at the number one or two spires when he jumps through that again He has mastered that top loop.

Did he just drop right pass him Wow Hoskins is right behind him though They’re taking their time that Hoskins moving the front look like just for a little bit here No doubt, but it’s taking it back Quinn is take look at that overhead you I forgot the Goodyear blimp was here Look at that overhead shot.

That’s fantastic.

The film crew has done a great job here.

Where’s Hoskins? And he’s Quinton has a huge lead huge lead Hoskins is coming around there Hoskins is finally joining Quinton at the bottom acquittance getting ready for the jumper ready.

He kind of knows to take a left side So, let’s see if he does it he goes into the basket.

He does he takes the left side He mastered that track he is prepared for this NFL Draft more than any player Wow That is fantastic Hoskins though.

He moved way up in this draft.

He was he was toward the bottom No one expected for him to go into the third round.

All right, I’m sorry, not the third round with a third pick overall So Hoskins gonna drop in join Quinton here and there you go.

We’ve got We’ve got I’m sorry.

We’ve got the Jets taking Dwayne Hoskins here The number three pick there’s all your picks there And now we’re gonna get ready for the final championship between Nick Bosa and Quinn and Williams two Defensive masters and this is gonna be fantastic either team is gonna be in great shape with either of these players We’ve got Nick bowls in the dark blue quit it Williams they get in the white When it drops down again, he mastered that type just like you’d be the last race Bose is right behind me or though this is the close when they’re just kind of watching each other See what they’re gonna do when it might be taking up Quinn.

He got it You see that bump quit and bump him out of the way Quentin buck the front balsa and he’s gonna drop in first how here we go into the I’m Mookie boasts of better catch up because when it knows how to do this track So Bose is gonna have to make some sort of move here to catch up with them Frigo BOCES now finally coming down here and joining him boy Quinton has really done a great job Look at that overhead shot it up.

This is a great one right there.

The flip their boss is right behind about it He was super aggressive.

He was right on the tail into the basket Quinton is taking the right side.

What is he doing? Is he just thinking about his NFL career? Look at that Bozek was the left jump right over it.

Did you see that ball? So went to the left, he’s gonna be the number one pick When is the number two pick but I think Clinton got a little safe there and didn’t want to get injured for the NFL season What how he just lost millions of dollars by going on the right side both? Oh, look at that jumps right over it and lands perfectly into the slot Haha, that was a fantastic race So we got Nick Bosa the defensive end from Ohio State is the first pick overall in the 2019 draft He’s gonna go to the Cardinals that’s gonna help them.